Merri-Mac woke up this morning to a heavy mist in the air, which quickly disappeared just after breakfast. The sun shined bright and the day turned out to be one of the hottest all session. Breakfast this morning was eaten as fast as it was served while all the girls chatted about Amelia G.’s “Elf” themed Princess Party the night before. Some may think it strange to celebrate Christmas in the middle of the summer but here at Camp Merri-Mac it’s just as normal as brushing your teeth or wearing your tribe jersey to evening activity.


Chapel was given by Adam B. who taught a lesson on the 10 commandments. It was a bittersweet morning as tomorrow many of our campers will leave and not return until camp next summer.


Despite the lingering thought of going home, activities were in full swing with happy campers everywhere. The riding class made their way around the ring, stopping to smile for several pictures of course. In pottery, campers were working with the clay using their imaginations to be as creative as possible. DIY crafters were diligently finishing their projects, many of which were cross-stitching’s.  In cooking the girls whipped up some, may I say, delicious chocolate chip muffins – a perfect warm and gooey food for the last day of class. They even made homemade smoothies full of strawberries and yogurt, mmm.


During lunch girls enjoyed spending time with their best ‘camp’ friends while chowing down on some delicious food prepared by our awesome kitchen staff. After the trays were cleared the campers sang some of their favorite tribe songs to get pumped up for tonight’s evening activity – counselor hunt! This is when all the counselors hide around property hoping to not be found by the campers. If they are found, they get pushed in the lake! What the campers don’t know is that we love Lake Doris so it’s just as fun for us as it is for them!


Rest hour was both quiet and busy with girls packing trunks in preparation for Session 3A closing tomorrow. We do our very best to make sure every trunk is packed neatly and with every one of our campers belongings inside. This is a special time for some last minute bonding between cabin counselors and campers.


In the afternoon, the Backpacking class took a trip to the High Ropes course where campers, old and new, faced their fears and kissed the tree all the way at the top and across the course. At the lake girls enjoyed free swim and especially the Blob! In drama campers played games led by some of the older girls and guitar played sweet melodies that filled senior hill. In PAWS, each one of our dogs received a bath so that they will be nice and clean for the opening day of Session 3B. Our puppies sure have enjoyed these campers! The girls in Archery practiced shooting and talked about how they have improved over the summer. Something we take very seriously here at camp is helping girls excel and achieve their goals during their time here with us.


Dinner was the traditional closing day meal, bar-b-que, slaw, fried okra, baked beans and strawberry shortcake. The dining hall was full of smiles and happy girls ready to run all over camp to hunt down their favorite counselor.


The bugles will ring tonight at the same time they do every night, however this night is special. Tonight our girls will spend their last night of the summer with the best friends they have made and as they drift off to sleep they will be comforted by the often heard, frequently said phrase “see you next summer”.


Morgan Collette

Director of Puppy Camp

Proud Iroquois