Families and friends, lend your ear

 This Friday at Merri-Mac gave us reasons to cheer

 A loud bugle sounded ceasing girls from their snores 

and we rolled out of bed to start on our chores

Girls piled on sweatshirts, this morning was chilly

But the sun came out quick and we all felt silly

Breakfast ended with the entire camp in song

“Darlin you can’t love one” and “A-wang” just couldn’t go wrong….(Each morning after breakfast we sing our “morning songs”. These are silly songs meant to wake us up and get us excited for the day. After lunch we sing tribe songs and after dinner we sing cabin songs. Girls are given song books during meals so the girls learn the songs very quickly!)…

After breakfast to chapel we ran And director Adam Boyd gave a message on “Who is Man?”Sunnysiders Marley, Martha, and Ava lead worship well

and Starduster Marlo. R started chapel by ringing the bell

This morning’s classes were a huge success

Each girl worked hard and gave it their best

PAWS spent the day giving the puppies a bath

Climbing climbed the tower, finding the best path

Free swim happened for those in diving and swimming

Girls in pottery gave their pinch pots some trimming

Archery collected scores from their shots

And yoga did poses and sorted their thoughts

At lunch the SEMINOLES were declared victorious from last night’s volleyball

And evening activity was announced as an ice cream party for all!

After lunch came a much needed rest hour

Followed by trading post with treats sweet and sour

Then off to more classes to finish the afternoon

The end of the day came too soon

After dinner we went up to the tepee

For our White Feather ceremony, who would the girls receiving promotions be?…

White Feather is a weekly ceremony to honor the growth and leadership in our campers. The girls recognized this week were:

Receiving bars in activities:

DIVING (Merril.S), GUITAR (Julianna.R), RIDING (Gracie.A, Avery.A , Clara.H), RIFLERY (Sherrill.B), SOCCER (Hallie.B , Kayleigh.G , Charlotte.C, Ashlynn.K , Ellie.W , Allie.Q , Molly.M , Kathryn.B ), TENNIS (Kathryn.N , Kathryn.B, Mackenzie.P), VOLLEYBALL (Livvi. H)

Girls receiving camper commendations (these are girls voted on by their cabin mates):

Helen.C, Collman.F, Tevis.M, Adeline.P, Auden.B, Margaret.J, Vivian.T, Marlo.R, Carly.F, Carson.C, Maddie.M, Merril.S, Paige.L, Carly.P, Hannah.S, Madison.J, Eve.Q, Kathryn.N, Elizabeth.R, Cate.F, Emily.B, Marley.T, Carly.L, Caroline.B, Moriah.S, Meadow.H, Morgan.M, Brooke.J, Meghan.H, Isabel.E, Eleanor.D, Ellie.F, Betsy.J, Claire.C, Morgan.P, Kathleen.W, Ava.B, Cameron P., Hannah.G, Nicole.F, Breanna.P, Julianna.R, and Sherril.B

Girls receiving counselor commendations (these are girls chosen by their counselors):

Brooke.B, Madison.H, Rachael.B, Cora.W, Clara.H, McKenna.N, Whitley.F, Marlo.R, Glynes.H, Kathryn.B, Elle.W, Carly.F, Lauren.F, Enley.M, Glenn Elizabeth.G, Lucy.L, Cooper.K, Hallie.B, Cate.F, Tillie.M, Livvi.H, Alison.Q, Betsy.B, Carly.L, Katherine.S, Cranford.W, Annalise.M, Emma.H, Caroline.R, Isabel.E, Anna.L, Claire.E, Katherine Faye.N, Molly.R, Audrey.S, Meghan.S, Kate.S, Sylvia.B, Cameron.P, Hannah.G, Isabeau.C, Clare.M, Julianna.R, and Sherril.B.

Finally, girls receiving White Feather promotions this week:


Brooke.B, Collman.F, Tarver.G, Clara.H, Ella.R, Vivian.T, Jana Lane.W, Quinn.S, Helen.C, Whitley.F, Madison.H, Lydia.M, Presley.T, Lucy.W, Brooke.G, Zelle.W


Elizabeth.A, Brooke.B, McKenna.N, Cora.W, Auden.B, Laine.M, Adeline.P, Susanna.H


Emily.A, Margaret.J, Rachael.B, Tevis.M


Grace.A, Kathryn.B, Miller.C, Emma.D, Carolyn.F, Marin.G, Enley.M, Marlo.R, Avery.S, Courtney.W, Isabel.H, Abigail.A, Annabelle.C, Cheney.C, Lillian.F, Glenn Elizabeth.G, Cooper.K, Abigail.N, Sara.S, Katie.T, Marina.H, Abigail.M


Alison.Q, Hallie,B, Kathryn.N, Mary Raines.A, Betsy,B


Emily.B, Elizabeth.R, Cate.F


Britta.B, Courtney.H, Ann Gardiner.H, Claire.E, Elise Seabrook.B


Ellie.F, Marley.D, Lucie.F, Allie.M, Nicole.C, Claire.C, Millie.M, Betsy.J, Kate.S, Martha Elizabeth.W


Ashlynn.K, Julia.P, Ava.F

What’s in store for tomorrow? We simply can’t wait ! Just one more reason of why #campisgreat

From this Haven,

Anna Moon

Stardust Counselor

Archery Instructor


Breakfast : Biscuits, Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Breakfast Potatoes, Cereal, Yogurt, Fruit, Granola

Lunch :Pita pocket, Greek Chicken, Toppings, Pita Chips, Chicken Noodle Soup

Dinner :Mexican Casserole, Chips and Salsa