Today was an impressively warm day here at Camp Merri-Mac!  It started off comfortably cool when the girls woke to reveille, but throughout the morning as the excitement for the day’s activities rose, so did the temperature.  To beat the heat, some girls went waterskiing on Lake James!  Some other girls took a different approach and opted for a chill morning hike up Lookout Mountain.  Even the girls who stayed at camp kept cool in their various activities!  In chapel, we were reminded that we don’t always know what we need because we only need Jesus, but then during the announcements we were reminded that we also need to drink lots of water!

As the girls were drinking their water, they tried to cool down in their activities by doing things like working on bars in swimming and diving, blobbing in canoeing, taking the puppies for a swim in PAWS, making and eating fruit salad in cooking, stretching out in yoga, and finishing off pinch pots in pottery.  After a delicious dinner of grilled chicken, peas, potatoes, and cornbread, the girls split off into cabins for cabin night!  Each cabin has plans for fun activities like swimming, playing on the slip-n-slide, roasting marshmallows, raiding the Trading Post, blowing bubbles, and dancing in the Tucker Inn.  We all enjoyed the busy day today, but we’re looking forward to a restful Sunday!

Audrey Ellis

Proud Seminole and Moonmist Counselor