The girls were woken up to scrambled eggs, bacon, and hash browns. As the counselors served food everyone was chattering about the Princess party that would ensue later that night.

After breakfast we all went to Chapel to hear a “True Story!” from Ruth.  Soon after the girls were headed to first and second period activities. At lunch everyone was rushing to eat the Stromboli just to get seconds and thirds. Once rest hour was finished the girls raced to the Trading Post. After free time was done the girls were off to afternoon activities. The minutes of fourth period could not have ticked by slower as the girls waited to get ready for the Princess party. Questions such as “What will I where?” and “What is the theme of princess party?” swirled in everybody’s minds.

By the end of dinner and cabin songs the girls were beyond ready for the start of princess party. As everyone walked into the princess party the theme song to Harry Potter was played. Madeline H. was the Princess of the party, having put together the play about Adam Dumblboyd and Pattio-Flammel making a white feather stone and Voldemort trying to ruin camp. Luckily, Larry Potter came to the rescue to destroy the all-evil Voldemort. The night ended with cookies and lemonade.

Another fun and adventurous day at Merri-Mac.


Shea Van Alstyne

Rainbow Counselor