Today the see-you-next-years and parting embraces of closing day were replaced by the welcoming smiles and reunions of the new session. After breakfast this morning we all greeted the new campers as they checked in. Excitement and joy were in the air through the lice checks and swim tests of opening day.

        After dinner the tribes and palefaces marched up to the council ring for the highlight of today’s excitement: tribal initiation. New-comers were seated together as they waited for the Great Spirit to announce their tribe- Choctaw, Iroquois, or Seminole.

      Into Choctaw were sorted Kaitlin D., Hadley A., Katherine M., Kathryn T., Sarah P., and Brooke B..

      Iroquois received Lydia B., Hayden M., Anne M., Christine M., Lillian A., Hannah B., Blair R., Easton P., Elle K., Lily P., Brooke M., and Ysaline van M..

       Finally Seminole received Elizabeth S., Adelaide W., Olive G., Caroline N., Cathereine T., McColl M., Mary Paige S., Herrin C., Caroline G., Lauren G., Easton D., and Eleanor M..

       Once every former paleface had been taken around the fire and painted red, blue, or black, the three tribes sang their respective songs, completing the ceremony. Session 1B is off on a great start, and we look forward to seeing all that it has in store.

Lila Beavers