This morning our Merri-Mac campers awoke to the sound of the morning bugle; they jumped out of bed and began their morning chores so that they could scurry down to the Tucker Inn for breakfast. Our breakfast consisted of biscuits, eggs, and seasoned potatoes. To finish off breakfast we ended with singing: Ratland Bog, Chante, and Cannibal King (those are camp favorites). In chapel we sang Fly Away, Jordan’s Stormy Banks, and How Great Thou Art. Adam Boyd spoke at chapel this morning and focused on how God is our Father (Luke 15:17-24).

After Chapel the girls had tribe meetings and free time to hangout and catch up on the past year! In classes today, the main focus was safety talks and basic fundamentals of the activities. DIY worked on friendship braclets, Soccer played World Cup, Knitting began to make pot holders (parents look out for those!) and headbands, Swimming learned strokes, Diving began straight and tuck jumps, Riding learned two point and steering, Kayaking worked on their strokes/wet exits/rolls.

Pottery worked on pinch pots and throwing, Gymnastics played ships and sailors, Cooking made birthday cup cakes, Dance learned choreography for Fine Arts night that is an upcoming evening activity, Canoeing worked on communication in boats and held relay races, Fencing learned how to approach/retreat/lunge, Climbing was at the traverse wall working on routes and knots, and Lacrosse learned how to catch and throw! Today we also celebrated Katie R’s birthday! It has been a special day here at Merri-Mac!

Many trips went out today:

Upper Green – this is one of the more advanced rivers campers will go on while at camp. They worked on refining river skills and boofs. On this trip was Natile C., Morgan P., Ashlynn K., and Olivia K..

Pigeon (Rafting) – Sherill B., Caroline C., Eiley M., Nicole R., Ysaline vanM., Martha Elizabeth W., and Sonna W..

Table Rock (Climbing)- Julia P., Emily E., Audrey S., Allison F., Camille P., and Marin M..

Dupont (Mountain Biking)- Juliana R., Kate S., Allie M..

Birthday- Katie R.

Today has been full of learning and perfecting skills, now we are ending the night with a game of Inferno! Stay tuned tomorrow to see who wins!

Kristie Garren

Proud Iroquois

Moonmist Counselor