Another day at camp!
This morning our girls awoke to the sound of the bugle, especially
tired from last night’s intense game of inferno,and began their

Each cabin has a chore chart and the girls rotate their names on the
chart each morning. Every girl will end up doing every chore at some
point during their time at camp. The cabins are given a cabin score
everyday based on their cleanliness, and the cleanest cabins earn the
sought after “cabin cake” at the end of each week!…

Following cabin cleanup the girls ran down to breakfast and enjoyed
banana French toast, bacon, and an assortment of cereals and fruits.
Then the camp sang “I Won’t Grow Up”, “Little Green Frog”, and “I’m a
Villian”. Stardust had the honor of sweeping the dining hall after
each meal today; which included a dance party with the entire cabin!
At chapel, we sang our Camp Hymn and counselor Catherine.H gave us a
message about how God is our comfort and refuge.

The girls all hurried off to their tribe meetings after chapel to
learn some new tribe songs! The sounds of their tribal cheers echoed
for the entire camp to hear. This morning in our classes, the girls
heard detailed safety talks for their Tuesday,Thursday, Saturday
classes. In pottery, the girls worked on pinch pots and the four week
campers started learning to throw on the wheel. Girls in cooking made
cupcakes with sprinkles. Volleyball, soccer, and basketball all
learned basics for their sports and got started on bars!…

Girls can work towards earning their bronze, silver, and gold bars in
their activities. These are a set of standards given to girls and
allow them to improve in their activities as the sessions and summers
go on. Girls earn small pins for earning bars in activities.

Girls in backpacking did some teamwork exercises and climbing climbed
the traverse wall and learned figure eight follow throughs. Following
our first two activities the girls all ran to lunch where we enjoyed a
camp favorite: pizza and Rice Krispie treats! At lunch the girls
proudly screamed their tribal cheers as the competition for the banner
is really heating up…

At the end of each session, one of the three tribes is awarded the
banner. The banner goes to the tribe with the most points, a lot of
which comes from which tribe wins the most evening activities during a
session. The banner is ultimately bragging rights for the rest of the
year. We will find out in less than two weeks which tribe wins!

The girls went to their rest period and then off to trading post for
snacks. This afternoon in activities, the girls in kayaking worked on
paddling, swimming had water races, DIY crafts made friendship
bracelets, and archery learned how to shoot! For dinner the girls
enjoyed ham, potatoes, and peas, along with vanilla cake for dessert.
Our evening activity tonight is The Great Escape. The girls race
around camp in groups to find clues, which ultimately lead to a flag
for the winning tribe. Our campers are getting into the swing of
things here at camp and we could not be more excited for the rest of
the session! Thank you for sharing your girls with us!

From this Haven,

Anna Moon
Stardust Counselor