It was 7 A.M. and the sun was shining bright

We woke up well rested after an eventful night

We brushed our teeth and made our beds

We combed the tangles out of our heads

We cleaned up our cabins all nice and neat

We headed down the hill where there was coffee cake to eat

When breakfast was finished, we stood and sang loud

Then we walked up to chapel as a big happy crowd

Singing praise to our Lord, we started our day

We glorify God in all of our ways

The bugle rang and the 1st activity had begun

We are learning a lot and having so much fun

In yoga, we stretched on our mats on the floor

In fitness, we worked to strengthen our core

In swimming and diving, we made quite a splash

In DIY and pottery, we perfected our crafts

In archery and riflery, we shot really far

Audrey S. even earned her gold bar

In 2nd period gymnastics, we worked on our tumbling

After all our hard work, our tummies were rumbling

We headed to lunch, and to our surprise

It was a camp favorite combo of chicken patties and fries

When we finished our dessert, we cheered for our tribes

Our evening activity tonight is THE ROCKMONT DANCE… (I am just as surprised as you are)

We walked up the hill for our mid-day rest

Next we ran to trading post, which is always the best

The bugle rang to start activities three and four

This day is so great, camp is never a bore

In puppy camp, we got to feed our dogs

In drama, we preformed our monologues

In canoeing and kayaking, we paddled on the lake

In cooking today, cheese pizza we baked

Fencing was fierce, there was no time to sit

And today on the patio we learned how to knit

We ran up to our cabins to look our very best

Tonight we are excited to be Camp Rockmont’s guests

At dinner, the dining hall was filled with glee

The girls all look beautiful, it is easy to see

Now we are off for our special night

Headed to dance under those disco lights

When we get back, we will snuggle into our beds

We are looking forward to the next day ahead


Olivia Wiggins

Milky Way Counselor