All was quiet throughout Camp 

Merri-Mac, not a camper stirred all through the night.

Reveille rang and the girls rolled out of bed with all of their might!

Cabins were cleaned, beds were made, girls became excited for another day God made

The breakfast bell rang throughout camp and bade the girls permission to feast

Circle eggs, hash browns, and biscuits round the table were passed

Until it was time to announce the activity, all day it would last!

The tables they rumbled, the  counselors they ran, when Olvey yelled out “tribe fest”, at last!

The campers they stumbled all through land

Tribe fest was upon us, a fierce competition between all the tribes

But wait! the news was not finished, there was an event to be announced

Battle ball was our first activity, the girls gave a shout of joy then to the chapel they bounced

Songs of praise were sung, words of the gospel were shared, and girls linked arms to praise our Good Father

Soon after tribe jerseys were tugged over heads and paint was slathered on faces,

Then spirited campers ran to their bases

Girls gritted their teeth in anticipation

They wound up their arms and guarded their stations, they had a look of fierce determination

Balls flew through the air, hands reached out to catch them

Girls sang tribal songs at the top of their lungs, a mood of the excitement in the air hung

After many games lost and many games won the girls lifted their heads and sauntered to lunch

Grilled cheese aroma wafted throughout tucker inn and french fries were munched

They next activity was soon to be announced, girls began to scream and shout

Counselor hunt through the afternoon would last!

Rest hour was truly an hour, so there was no time crunch

Girls hopped in their beds and shut their eyes tight, while counselors dressed in camouflage Danced in their dreams

Trading post began all too soon and Tweedles jumped out of bed, there was too much candy to Be shared to lye with their pillows pressed against their heads!

Sweets were enjoyed by the sweetest of campers until it was time for the afternoon activity,

To the Tucker Inn they scattered!

Counselors ran to secretive places, hoping campers would not see their faces

They hid in the leaf tops, behind rocks, and in many other well hidden spaces

Campers searched far and near to find all any traces

Of staff around camp.

Many girls proved successful and pointed out the camouflaged stand members

They staff were led to the dock in despair,

They would be pushed in the lake- many of their worst fear

But some counselors were sneaky- they wanted revenge!

They pulled their captors in to the lake with them!

Smiles and laughs were shared at the end of the day, until gold rush was announced- and all The girls were ready to play!

We thank all you parents for sharing your beautiful girls,

we love them, but more importantly- so does our great Lord!

Goodnight Merri-Mac, I bid you adieu!

From this Haven,

Elizabeth “Biscuit” Chandler