Woof! Reporting to you live from puppy camp! My name is Benton, and I’m the biggest dog in PAWS class. You may have seen me in camp pictures with my black collar and all my brothers and sisters.

Anyway, enough about me; let me tell you about what I saw happening around camp on my morning walk today! When the first period girls came to class today, I was greeted with lots of smiles and belly rubs. I overheard them talking about their yummy breakfast that consisted of baked oatmeal and coffee cake. Unfortunately, they didn’t bring me any leftovers and I got the same ole kibble. I’m not complaining though because I know that it is making me healthy and strong.

Since I am a big dog now, I got to wear my new harness leash! The girls strapped it on and we went on our walk. As we left the puppy camp gates, I could hear faint cheers and the shots from riflery in the distance. It sounded like fun, but the girls lead me in the other direction, down the gravel path. We passed by the lake where I saw the kayakers, divers, canoers, and swimmers. The puppy camp instructors allowed us to sniff around a little bit and take a quick water break. I watched Heather C. get her roll in kayaking class, and I saw Jillian F. get her silver in swimming!

After my break, I walked passed horseback riding class, where I saw the advanced riders learning to jump. It looked like a good time, but I decided to keep my distance. Plus, I could smell something delicious coming from the cooking kitchen and I decided to walk that way. The girls wouldn’t let me go into the kitchen, but we did get to stop and visit knitting class! At knitting, I was able to peek through the kitchen window and saw that the class was making lettuce wraps and fried rice. I wanted to stay longer, but I had new places to explore and new people to meet!

We walked up the hill and stopped to take another break at archery. Today in archery, Lauren F. got two bullseyes! After some water, I was starting to get tired, and the beautiful music from guitar class was rocking me to sleep. We walked back to puppy camp and I was ready for a nap and some lunch. While I eat my kibble…again, the girls got to have Pitas for lunch! Finally, it was time for rest hour and both the campers and I got some much needed rest! I was woken up by the third period PAWS class and it was time for another walk. This class is one of my favorites because it is filled with some of the youngest campers, and they have lots of energy to play with me! My new friend Sam D. walked me down the hill and towards the chapel. We stopped to sniff around at YOGA class and I helped demonstrate what a real downward dog stretch looks like.

Next, we walked passed the cabins and straight to tennis. All of my brothers and sisters love to play with tennis balls, I did everyone a favor and picked one up to bring back to PAWS class. We continued on our way past the volleyball court and the soccer field where the girls were working on their passing. The soccer class was especially happy to see us, so they let us come play with them on Macky’s Green for a few minutes. From the green I could see Sabina S. all the way at the top of the climbing tower!

I was starting to get thirsty again so we headed to the creek where we saw the backpacking class filtering the creek water into clean drinking water. They were even nice enough to share with us! Then it was time to head back to puppy camp and wait for the fourth period girls. When they arrived, I was given a warm bath that turned into a water fight.

I had so much fun today with all of my friends. Now the girls are off to eat burrito casserole for dinner. I heard that tonight’s evening activity is color wars, a game that is very similar to capture the flag. Until then, I will be waiting to see which lucky cabin gets to come read me a bedtime story and put me to sleep.

Yours truly,



Olivia Wiggins

Rainbow Counselor