HAZAH! Another day at camp! Things are in full swing for third session on this Tuesday as the campers awoke to french toast and bacon—a crowd favorite. This day started unlike most with an evening activity announcement at breakfast: division night!! The campers anticipated this unique evening as they made their way to chapel where we had the privilege of hearing songs led by campers Corrina G. (Dreams End) and Shay A. (Cloud Nine). This is often times a way campers can earn their gold bar in guitar class, and it is always a treat to see the girls perform any skill they’ve acquired at camp!

With activities now approaching, the campers prepared for what became a sunny morning and rainy afternoon. Inclement weather doesn’t slow us down though, for a handful of girls completed the final requirements for their gold bars today! Some of these girls include:

Ryan W. – Dance

Corrina G. – Guitar

Shay A. – Guitar

Rush L. – Guitar

Glory W. – Gymnastics

Allie S. – Soccer

Ashley H. – Soccer

Climbing took place at the upper tower today—an adventure in itself! Counselors looked forward to setting up the girls up to repel, allowing them to reach the top of the tower and have to practice gradually working their way down. Clippity clopping around camp were the horses as riding took the girls and horses on a trail ride today, too! Continuing to brave the rain, the dock activities were in full force this afternoon. Canoeing worked on swamping, which is practicing how to successfully turn a boat back over when it flips on a river. Kayaking practiced T-rescues, another technique boaters use when a friend gets flipped. Emergency Water Safety had a class full of campers eager to work on bars, which are earned by completing basic lifeguard skills and taught by our very own lifeguards! With many girls being introduced to lentils for the first time, cooking conquered chili and cornbread today. I tasted it myself and can say with confidence… they cooked up an A+.

After a dinner of tortellini and cheesy biscuits, Tweedles made their way to the slip ‘n’ slide, intermediate camp to the Mike for Battleball, and senior hill to the lake for the second ever game of Pirate Ball in Merri-Mac history! Pirate Ball is an original game invented by one of our Timberlake staff members and only ever played in our very own Lake Doris. The girls took to the lake in kayaks, canoes, river rafts, and inner tubes, participating in a mad dash to many balls in a kiddie pool in the middle of the lake. The goal of the game was for each tribe to get theses balls into the other tribes’ goals by means of these boats and floats. Yes, it’s as crazy, messy and fun as it sounds. Pirates of the Caribbean music blared over the speakers, and the campers bought into the madness with smiles on their faces!

Post-evening activities had cabins making brownies, putting puppies to sleep, and doing an exceptionally sneaky raid of the trading post. It was a typical day at camp, which fortunately for us is a pretty remarkable day anywhere else. Everyday is an adventure!

Proud ‘quois,


Evening Activity and Intermediate Cabin Area Director