It was another exciting day here at Merri-Mac. The sun was shining bright as the last solo 13 group of the 3A session returned. They arrived back at their cabins just in time for the girls to help with chores. A delicious breakfast of circle eggs, sausage patties, biscuits, and hash browns was served while girls shared their excitement for the upcoming day. This Wednesday was a very special one as Mary L. and all of the cabin princesses put the finishing touches on the princess party that was to be presented later in the evening. After breakfast the girls continued on to chapel where Adam spoke about how we have to come to Jesus in complete surrender. Choctaw and Seminole tribes had meetings where they learned new songs that their tribe leaders had been working on.

In DIY crafts the girls worked on their composition notebooks and homemade coasters. Pottery class was filled with girls glazing their pottery in preparation for glaze firing. When walking to observe soccer, voices could be heard from within the trees as the backpacking girls debated the pros and cons of tarps and tents. The girls were practicing teamwork as they learned how to properly assemble a tarp. Drama performed skits after learning about silent movies.

Girls in climbing class got to experience climbing the lower tower for the first time this session. A lunch of Philly cheese steak and peaches was welcomed and the excitement continued as the desert of choice was warm M&M cookies. Holly P. was recognized for achieving her platinum in tennis. Volleyball worked on perfecting serves and horseback riding took a trail ride around camp. After a dinner of Asian food we are off to the princess party!

Sarah Jenkins

Little Dipper counselor