This last full day of camp started off bright with Scripture, songs, and a BIG SPLASH!! After a delicious breakfast of camp-favorite waffles, all the campers walked up to the lake for the special Sunnyside Chapel, led by the Sunnyside girls. Each Sunnyside girl read a verse or quote that is special to her, all of them led songs, and they finished by jumping in the lake. What a sweet memory for these girls to have of their last year as campers!

Then began the last tribal activity of the session — TRIBAL TRASH! The girls walked around camp in search of trash, hurrying back to their tribal chiefs to put it in their trash-bag! Whichever team picked up the most trash would win! Soon after, the bugle sounded, and girls were off to their final activities!

In cooking, the smell of the girls’ fancy grilled cheeses wafted from the kitchen. Up at the courts, girls were playing a fun game of tennis jailbreak! Fitness took a power walk around camp, waving to all the other activities. In archery and riflery, girls continued to work on their shooting, and the puppies were still getting lots of love in PAWS – having to say goodbye to 6 adorable golden doodle puppies is not an easy task! In every activity, it was a sweet sight to see girls of all ages talking and smiling, making memories to last them into for rest of the summer and long after camp ends.

Soon it was time for the last lunch of camp as girls spilled into the dining hall, eager for some yummy pizza and quality time together. After singing, the girls headed to the Mike to practice for Closing Ceremony tomorrow — no rest time for excited campers today ? Even with this change of schedule, TrayPo was a must have — after practice, the girls headed down the hill to get some sweets and celebrate the last day of camp! Spending as much time as possible together today was on their minds as they prepare to say their goodbyes.

Afternoon rolled around with the hustle of more activities. The girls in climbing practiced on the traverse wall after learning a fun, new climbing song to sing at meals. Gymnastics had fun day of doing handstands and poses on Mackie’s Green. The girls in yoga relaxed under the chapel, learning more poses and stretching. On the lake, the campers enjoyed free swim as they jumped off the diving boards, paddled around in kayaks or on paddleboards, and jumped onto the blob.

And just like the snap of a finger, it was time for dinner. The girls dressed in their tribal jerseys, ready for the White Feather and Lakeside ceremonies that are to come later tonight. These ceremonies are very special traditions that make for a memorable night at camp. The Sunnyside girls that will receive their White Feather honors and necklaces tonight are Mary Elizabeth B., Lizzie B., Sarah B., Sophie M., and Kate S. These girls have worked hard and received 30 marks to achieve their White Feathers. Congratulations and job well done to these five girls!

After White Feather, it will be time for the final campfire and the Lakeside ceremony. Gathering around the lake, the girls will sing special Lakeside songs, which are likely to bring some soft tears to girls’ eyes, but more importantly some sweets hugs between them all. Some of these songs include “Shades of Evening,” “Pass It On,” and “All My Life’s a Circle.” In addition, each cabin will get a chance to sing a shortened version of their cabin song, and the counselors from each cabin will share three “Remember When” moments from their cabin – these are memories from the session that are the most important to their campers. Some examples are, “Remember when we got to make Sunspot jewelry boxes,” “Remember when we raided the Trading Post,” and “Remember when we make s’mores by the campfire TWICE!” As the sun sets, the lake will glow with the light of the candles that float on it, and the campers will remember this night forever, holding on to its tenderness in their hearts.

Even with closing day on the horizon, the girls’ love for each other and for Merri-Mac stays strong. The hope of summers to come makes saying goodbye a little bit easier. Merri-Mac is truly a special place – a place that’s hard to leave, but a place that will always be there come back to – a place to call home.

“All my life’s a circle, sunrise and sundown; the moon rolls through the nighttime, till the daybreak comes around…it seems like I’ve been here before; I can’t remember when; But I have this funny feeling;
That we’ll all be together again.” — from “All My Life’s a Circle”

With love from Merri-Mac,

Jeannie M.
Sunspot Counselor
Dance Instructor