A Merri day at camp it was
With evening activity rumors abuzz.

Girls awoke to waffles, sausage, and grits
Loaded with cheese and bacon bits.

We headed to chapel to worship and praise
And Elizabeth C. reminded us of God’s wonderful ways

Campers headed to class to work on their bars
And Abigail S. wrote a song in guitar!

The excitement in kayaking could not be controlled:
Audrey G. learned new skills, and Edie B. got her roll!

In cooking, campers made homemade pizza on the grill
And in DIY, girls created friendship bracelets and chilled.

On a trip to Looking Glass, these girls climbed so high:
Jana Lane W., Arwen L., Mackenzie P., Samantha F., Katherine M., and Madigan E. nearly reached the sky!

At lunch girls feasted on Greek pitas and chips
Awaiting Sarah Kate’s evening activity announcement, they were about to flip!

But first, Avery S.’s birthday we could not forget,
She said spending it with her camp friends made it the best birthday yet!

Finally came the announcement, and to everyone’s surprise,
The evening activity would be Smugglers and Spies!

The girls went to rest time to read and write home
And at the sound of the bugle, down to Trading Post they roamed.

Campers played gaga ball and enjoyed their treats
Then headed on to period three.

Kate S. taught swimming class to work towards her gold
And in pottery girls learned to shape and mold

Dressed in their tribe jerseys, they ate pot roast dinner
Ready to smuggle and spy, which tribe will be the winner?

After evening activity, Sunnyside and Sundrop will embark,
Up past Spencer’s Green to sleep out at the Mark.

Tomorrow we will learn what tribe is the champ
And that ends another great day at camp!

Ari J.
Dreams Begin Counselor