So began another “not so ordinary” day at Merri-Mac! From the start of the morning, excitement was in the air with the long-anticipated Princess Party scheduled for tonight. This a big celebration where all the girls will dress up in fancy clothes, and the cabin princesses will put on a play for the entire camp. Each cabin princess was chosen specifically by her cabin and has worked hard all week to get ready for the event! After the play, we will honor our current Princess of Merri-Mac and celebrate with some delicious donuts!

After the buzz of breakfast, it was time for chapel! We sang my personal favorite, “The Banana Song,” and listened as Adam continued to talk about John 4. Today, he connected the passage to the story of Eustace, a character in the movie, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and emphasized how Jesus, like Aslan in the movie, is not afraid to confront us and point out where we are wrong. Yet, this is all out of his love for us. Just as Aslan removed the dragon scales from Eustace, Jesus removes all the “nasty stuff” from our lives and changes our hearts into who we are meant to be.

It was another busy morning of activities at camp after chapel ended. In pottery, everyone put the finishing touches on their pieces by glazing them, just in time to take them home and put them to good use! The girls in the cooking kitchen were starting the day off right with a second breakfast of quiche and baked cinnamon apples (and it sure did smell good). As the sun shone brightly, tennis balls were being thrown and girls were practicing their volleys!

Traveling up Windy Hill, the sound of guitars could be heard as campers played some lovely tunes to match the happy spirits of the day. And of course, Lake Doris was bustling with activity as girls practiced their wet-exits and rolls in kayaking, as well as their flipping of canoes in canoeing. And last but not least, climbers were scaling the towers and riders were jumping on their horses – oh what a joy to see campers improving their skills.

Time for a trip update! Trips today included some eager water-skiers leaving for Lake James after breakfast, and some brave backpackers returning from an overnight trip full of waterfalls, yummy campfire food, and great memories!!

Mamma-mia, time flies when you’re having fun because next thing you know, it was time for a delicious lunch of pizza! Today, for our lunchtime singing, we practiced songs for “Friendship Circle,” reminding us that even though first session is drawing to a close, the memories and friendships will last forever and will remain strong until next summer.

The cool breeze and dark sky signaled a storm as rest time began, but hearing the rain and distant thunder from the quiet cabins was oh so peaceful. Even with the threat of rain, no one could stop the campers from hurrying down to the Trading Post for some afternoon sweets when the bugle sounded. The rain passed quickly, and soon it was time for afternoon activities. Sunnysiders spent some time making suns to give to those who impacted their camp experience. All the girls on the dock were able to enjoy a free swim, and the campers in cooking made even more quiche!

But still, thoughts were all focused on Princess Party tonight! Talk of shower schedules and time spent trying on outfits reminded us that being at Merri-Mac is just so much fun. After dinner, the girls will head up to the Mike, all dressed up, ready for an evening of fun.

Even as the end of the first two weeks is near, the joy here at camp fades. The laughter and chatter of girls still fills the cabins and rings in the hills. It is truly a special place at Merri-Mac – a place where every girl feels like a princess!


~ Jeannie M.

Sunspot Counselor

Dance Instructor