It is a busy Sunday here at Camp Merri-Mac! The girls were up and cleaning their cabins ready for another great day at camp. For breakfast, we had superb pancakes and sausage. Then the girls headed to chapel, where Lila B. discussed the topic “who is Jesus.” There were multiple trips out today! Elizabeth C., Rachel C., Nellie R., and Elizabeth H. went kayaking on the Tuckasegee River. All the girls in Dreams Begin took a cabin trip to the Boyd’s house for some cabin bonding and swimming in their pool. There is an overnight backpacking trip to Turkey Pen Gap. I am sure Charley B., Camille D., Audrey P., Elizabeth J., Courtney K., Victoria M., Hannah S., and Phoebe F. will have an amazing time hiking and camping out. And tonight, Lilly T., Mackenzie S., and Sarah S. will partake in a Solo 13.

At camp, we participated in our usual Saturday activities. This included cooking, where the girls made delicious pancakes and bacon (YUM!). In Paws, the girls took the adorable puppies on a walk around camp. Those dogs are so lucky to have so much love and attention. In backpacking, the campers gathered around a campfire and enjoyed a camp classic: smores. Soccer, volleyball, and basketball sparked a competitive edge in the girls, and riflery and archery taught the girls accuracy and precision. On the dock, the girls in kayaking showed off their rolls and other tricks, while the girls in diving practiced incredible dives.

At lunch, the girls devoured fried chicken and mashed potatoes before screaming their tribe songs. Then, they headed back to their cabins for rest time to patiently await Trading Post: everyone’s favorite supplier of candy and soda. After fourth period, the girls were sent up to their cabin to change into their white clothes for the camp picture. They all looked exceptionally beautiful! After the picture, the camp tradition of a Sunday cookout took place. The girls enjoyed burgers, hotdogs, watermelon, potato salad, and a wide variety of cookies outside on this perfect day! After dinner, the girls head to vespers to enjoy a set of skits performed by counselors and sing along to songs preformed by Merri-Mac’s very own Black Mountain Oysters Band. After vespers, the cabins will spend time winding down with devotions before bed. It was an exciting and happy Sunday filled with laughter and loads of smiles!

From this Haven,

Margaret Virgin