Everyone woke up so excited for the first day at camp. We started out the morning with a delicious breakfast of pancakes, to fuel ourselves for a fun day. We sang our favorite chapel songs and went to our first tribe meetings of the session.

Today in our classes we learned rules specific to our activities so we can safely perform and excel in them. In Kayaking they worked on wet exits and how to paddle, in climbing the girls learned new knots and worked on climbing the traverse wall. Cooking class baked chocolate chip cookies and swimming class broke into teams for a relay. Joyous squeals were heard all around as campers ran along side their friends in their favorite classes.

For lunch we had grilled ham and cheese with soup. We got to celebrate two birthdays at lunch today for Lyla A. and Hailey F. The Iroquois tribe found the hatchet after lunch, signifying the start of the tribal competition for the year. The sun shone bright as the girls enjoyed trading post and free time. This afternoon was full of excitement as girls went to their third and fourth period classes. In canoeing campers worked on strokes and played a fun game called “stinky fish”, knitting learned how to cast on, and gymnastics practiced their tumbling skills. In guitar campers learned different chords and in PAWS they got paired up with a puppy to train for the session. We had so much fun getting back into our activities and cannot wait to continue to grow and learn throughout the session.

This evening the tribes battled it out in a camp favorite, sock war. Tonight we will hang out with our cabins and get a good nights rest for another fun day tomorrow.

Rainbow Counselor

Proud Iroquois

Amy Jameson