Title: July 18, 2017

Track 1: Early Morning Beauty

This morning we woke up to a beautifully sunny, brisk morning. After making our beds, doing our chores, and getting ready for the day we headed down the hill to the Tucker Inn (the dining hall), where we were greeted with an All-American breakfast. The scrambled eggs, sausage, and potatoes went wonderfully with biscuits, gravy, and yogurt!

Track 2: Onwards to Chapel

After singing three breakfast songs, including Hipp-Horray where all the girls get to take a lap around the dining hall as we sing! We headed to chapel and sang Jesus Paid it all and Star of the Morning and learned more about Who is man with counselor Lainey G.

Track 3: Wonderful resting classes

After each class had their safety talks they began creating different arts. Knitters learned to cast on and create headbands. Cookers baked delicious chocolate chip cookies, some with butterscotch and even others with cherries. Pottery started creating pinch pots, some will turn into mugs, others will be bowls or pots. In Do-It- Yourself crafts rocks were elegantly painted.

Track 4: Spectacular expedition classes

Backpacking followed up safety talks with team building activities. In Mountain Biking, we learned breaking, shifting and how to ride the huge mulch hill in downhill position! Climbers took to the traverse wall and the overhang in the mike! While no one made it to the top of the overhang today, a few girls were very close!

Track 5: The day on Doris

Kayakers continued to learn wet exits and T-Rescues. Meanwhile, canoers learned the parts of a paddle, parts of a boat, and even forward and backward strokes. Swimmers and Divers enhanced their abilities in their respective areas.

Track 6: classic Camp

The Gymnasts took the floor, beam, trampoline, and uneven bars practicing cartwheels, dismounts, and even some seat jumps. Dancers practiced graceful ballet turns. Guitarists learned new songs, practiced strumming, and stayed dry in the afternoon rain. Archers selected their bows to use for the rest of camp and got benches assigned. Basketball, Volleyball, and Soccer classes were full of fun games and drills! Riders too improved upon their previous skills, while Puppy training got put into groups to teach their dogs. Fencers practiced footwork and girls in riflery began shooting!

Track 7: A rainy afternoon

After a filling lunch of taco and a bag, a peaceful rest time and a quick sprint down to Trading Post, afternoon classes began! Soon into the classes we were struck with a storm that even had a few drops of hail! This storm passed quickly and it gave a wonderful chance for each class to have fun rainy-day activities! Many girls got to know their class mates better and build stronger friendships!

Track 8: Trips galore

Today at Merri-Mac Madison W, Lucie, K. Alexa L, Vika S, Spencer C, ME G., and Martha O. went on a climbing trip. Keely W, Sarah R, Drake M, Maggie D, Eleanor P, Catherine G, Heather C, and Alexandra W. all spent the day kayaking on the Lower Green. Kate A, Grace C, Anna K, Charlotte R, Gillian V, Kylie K, Isa S, Alexa W, and Caroline W went on a rafting excursion. River L, Adeline R, Haley F, Holly H, Martha P, Olivia N, Remy S, Liza U, and Amelia W began a backpacking overnight to Black Balsam and Sam’s Knob!

Track 9: breaking out

Tonight, at camp, after we have BBQ Chicken for dinner, we will test out a new game where girls will work within their age divisions to complete a goal. Each group will have a serious of tasks, riddles, and clues to lead them to a combination to allow them off Senior Hill!

Emily Kibbe

Joyful Seminole

Big Dipper Counselors