It was another remarkable day here at Camp Merri-Mac. The girls came bustling down to breakfast on this lovely morning with loads of excitement for a yummy breakfast of waffles! Following our delicious breakfast, we headed to chapel. This morning we sang many of our favorite chapel songs, and then we got on our way to our exciting tribe meetings about tonight’s evening activity.

Today during our classes, we learned abounding new fun skills in all of our activities. Cooking class made delicious burgers on the grill and Dance worked on many fun new dance moves! In Knitting class, girls worked on perfecting their stitches. On this beautiful day, the PAWS classes took all of the puppies for a fun walk around camp. However, the puppies were not the only ones to take a stroll around camp; the horseback riders took an exciting walk around camp with their horses too. While over in Pottery, many girls threw on the wheel for their first time ever!

Following an exciting morning of new adventures, everyone was ecstatic to head to the Tucker-Inn for a camp favorite lunch. Here the girls devoured one of their favorite camp meals of… pizza. Yum! After lunch, everyone headed to their cabins for a time of rest. The minute the bugle went off for Tray Po, campers rushed down to enjoy some delicious treats and to play and make new memories with friends.

The girls enjoyed pot roast and mashed potatoes for dinner tonight. After dinner, the three tribes competed to win the Apache race! Apache Race is a giant relay race filled with girls riding horses, swimming, blobbing, canoeing, playing volleyball, and lots of tribal spirit for their tribes! It was an exciting and happy Thursday here at camp, filled with lots of laughter, smiles, and growth through friendship and adventure.

From this haven,
Hannah Griffin
Milky Way Counselor
Proud Seminole