A is for another awesome day at Merri-Mac!
B is for baked oatmeal, which was enjoyed by sleepy campers this morning.
C is for Christmas, which the girls are anxiously awaiting. Any day now!
D is for Drama, where campers had fun playing improv games like “Freeze!”
E is for “En Garde!” which could be heard from the fencing pavilion as girls paired up to lunge and perry their way to victory!
F is for firsts! There were plenty of firsts around camp today! For example, Claire R. did her first cartwheel today in Gymnastics! Congratulations!
G is for Guitar where campers learned a basic chord progression and Grace C. learned how to play Wagon Wheel!
H is for the homemade potato chips we ate at lunch. Thank you, kitchen staff!
I is for “Iroquois Storm”, a favorite tribal song that we sang three times in a row after lunch today!
J is for “Who is Jesus” which was the topic of Kristie’s chapel talk this morning. She told us a story that illustrated how Jesus is our rescuer in times of crisis.
K is for Kayaking, where girls worked on their rolls and T-rescues.
L is for Lacrosse, where mouthguard were a must as two teams faced off in fierce competition.
M is for Mountain Biking, where our experts led girls on a trail around camp!
N is for new tribe members! Scott, our long-time head of Riflery, was initiated into the Iroquois tribe today! IBT!
O is for “Out!” which could be heard from The Mike as we played Tribal Battle Ball. Watch out!
P is for puppies and PAWS! The puppies were especially rambunctious and enjoyed their walk around camp today.
Q is for the Queen of Merri-Mac, Pattio, who we sang to last night. We love you!
R is for rice krispie treats, our dessert tonight at dinner! Yummy!
S is for cries of “Staff! Staff! Staff!” after dinner as we sang the Staff song.
T is for trips! We had so many fun trips out today, from backpacking to whitewater rafting!
U is for umbrellas, which were useless today in all this sunshine!
V is for Volleyball where Hayden S. worked on perfecting her serve!
W is for water activities! Today was a great day to be on Lake Doris with the music blasting as girls swam, kayaked and canoed all day!
X is for Airhead Xtremes, which are finally back at the Trading Post! They were a popular item this afternoon!
Y is for Yoga, where campers took a break from the noisiness of the day for some meditation.
Z is for Zumba, which campers are looking forward to trying out in fitness class!

Sundrop Counselor
Head of Guitar