No matter where you are, there is always something great and exciting about a Friday, but at camp, Fridays are even better! Fridays always have the best evening activities, many trips out, great food, and everyone is in the full swing of camp life. The morning began bright and early with the fog rising over the mountains and a breakfast including eggs and potatoes. Chapel kicked off today with everyone’s favorite, The Banana Song, and a message about seeing Jesus in our daily lives from Lainey G.

As the sun rose higher, girls rushed to their first and second period activities after some free time of games including tetherball and gaga ball. Everyone wanted to be in Cooking class today as smells of brownie and marshmallow s’more bars drifted from the kitchen. Up at Paws, all six of the puppies got squeaky clean from the baths given by girls in classes. Girls in both Archery and Riflery continued perfecting their aims and working towards their bars.

After a delicious lunch of pasta salad, subs, and fruit (and loud and proud tribe cheers) as well as a relaxing rest hour, girls raced out of their cabins and down to trading post, fully stocked with all of everyone’s favorite candy and snacks. The bugle then rang for the final two activity periods of the day. A kayaking trip headed out to the Pigeon River including Drake M., Eleanor P., Sarah R., Alexandra W., Katherine G., Heather C., and Corrina G.  In Climbing, Eva S. managed to finish all the requirements for her bronze bar! Over at Lake Doris, classes like Swimming and Canoeing enjoyed an exciting free swim period, including the blob and the water slide. Backpacking class learned how to carefully operate a gas stove in different groups, and cooked tortillas with Nutella and whipped cream.

Girls then hurried to dinner decked out in tribe wear for everyone’s favorite activity, Gold Rush! In this tribal event, all tribes search around camp for gold items large and small (including some gold people!) and avoid being caught by bandits (the counselors) in order to earn it for their tribe. But before Gold Rush, everyone headed up to the tee pee for the weekly gathering of White Feather. Girls earn promotions and commendations from counselors and campers by earning bars in activities, completing tasks and activities, and showing quiet leadership. Tonight, many many girls moved up in their White Feather rankings, which we are so proud of!

Tumbleweed (1 Mark) : Goldie G., Frances T., Emma F., Polly M., Alloway W., Coco B., Olivia W., Libby F. Alie J., Pearl T., Ann Calvert W., Flannery P., Lucy D., Caroline G., Mary P., Harper W., Kennedy O., Lauren D., Cecelia G., Reagan L., Gray W., Cana P.

Groundhog (3 Marks) : Alyssa F., Ann Caldwell M., Sarah M., Eleanor F., Margaret M., Wallace T., Samantha D., Helen C., Kate S.

Badger (5 Marks) : Helen G., Avery C., Caroline R., Brooke B., Savanna S., Caroline M., Ila R., Anne Gordon S.

Arrow (3 Marks) : Alex L., Merritt G., Sarah M., Ava S., Liza M., Bennett B., Callie J., India S., Alexandra D., Olivia H., Kate R., Elizabeth W., Bays Q., Spencer C., Kate R.

Crazy Creek (7 Marks) : Lexi F., Paisley S., Martha O., Grace C., Eliza Dunn T.

Running Deer (5 Marks) : Marilou C., Jessica G., Ashley Lauren J., Ella T., Maggie D., Ivy C., Lauren D., Sienna N., Libby M., Riley M., Madison W.

Red Tail (10 Marks): Alexandra W., Ivy C., River L., Glory W., Riley M., Martha P.

As the girls finish up Gold Rush and go to their cabins for devotions and bedtime, everyone continues to anxiously a wait Christmas in July, and get excited for Saturday activities! Thanks so much for sharing your girls with us this summer!

From this Haven,
Emma M.
Sunspot Counselor