As the fog rose up and off the Blue Ridge Mountains early this morning, campers woke up and rushed down to the dining hall to everyone’s favorite breakfast of pancakes (which one table of Blue Heaven girls claimed to have eaten 45!). After that, everyone hurried to chapel to enjoy another service and true story told by Adam.

As activities began, everyone enjoyed a cool cloudy morning, after some of the hot and sunny days that we’ve had. Around this time, one of the trips that went out was a climbing trip to Ship Rock, including M. Smith, A. Wilhelm, K. Hanks, Sophie S., L. West, and Elizabeth W.. Audrey W., Hannah F, Bailey Z, Claire H, Julia B, and Holly H. also headed out to kayak on the Lower Green. Back at camp, DIY class constructed very detailed flower crowns, and pottery focused on learning how to spin their clay correctly on the wheel. Cooking made delicious chocolate cupcakes, and up at the lake, kayaking worked on t-rescues and rolls, and canoeing got the chance to swamp canoes, which is when the girls in the canoe flip their canoes and attempt to flip them back over after.

After a wonderful Greek lunch of chicken pita pockets and homemade potato chips and rest hour, campers sprinted to trading post to snag recently restocked candy and drinks. As the third period bugle rang, campers Drake M, Ivy C, Virginia C, Everly H, Hailey F, Alex W, and Scout L. returned from a two night overnight ending at Shining Rock! We are all so proud of them! In fencing, girls continued to learn more fencing skills and technique to become pros. In climbing, girls had the opportunity to climb to even greater heights at the upper tower and the boulder at Spencer’s Green (on the far side of camp). Guitar ended the day by learning even more chords and how to play the song Wagon Wheel, and riflery finished up shooting and carried their rifles down to store in the Mike.

After dinner tonight, campers will split up in to Junior Camp, Intermediate Camp, and Senior Camp to enjoy evening activity. Junior Camp will head to the slip and slide on Mackey’s Green, Intermediate Camp will play a high energy game of Kickball on the tennis courts, and Senior Camp will play the highly anticipated Pirate Ball, where a ball rotates all around from rafts, canoes, kayaks, and water polo run and played by campers. At the same time, a camp wide treasure hunt will be happening with girls fencing for clues. Its sure to be wild and so much fun! Another day at camp has been so great, and we’re so glad y’all have shared your daughters with us this summer!!

From this Haven,
Emma McGahan
Sunspot Counselor (best cabin!)
Proud Seminole