Campers rolled out of their bunks
And grabbed their tribe jerseys out of their trunks
Sarah Kate announced it was tribe fest
Every camper knows this day is the best
Red, grey, white, black, yellow and blue paint was smeared on faces
and all other sorts of places
The first activity started out with a bang
Just as the Big House bell rang!
Gold rush, always a blast
Got heated real fast
Bandits and Campers and Judges oh my!
The stories needed to win gold were clever and sly
Pizza for lunch, always a favorite
I think all of the campers crave it
Right after rest hour, came swim fest
Many campers aquatic skill put to the test
Tribe cheers and chants, sometimes shrill
Could be heard throughout the hills
And before all the sweet campers say goodnight
A game of inferno will be a real (safe) fire fight
From the Haven
Zena Davis
Little Dipper counselor
DIY instructor