August fourth was similar to most wonderful days at camp. Everyone was happy to have another calm day of activities after the excitement of Tribe Fest yesterday. The girls woke up to a morning that was a little warmer than past mornings, and chocolate pancakes were a very nice surprise at breakfast. As the girls headed off to Chapel some clouds started to form, but that did not stop the girls from singing with their whole hearts to their favorite Chapel songs. Adam led the talk about who Jesus is, and the girls headed off to their cabins to get ready for the day. The girls were busy outside all morning in their activities. Some of our intermediate girls got to enjoy rappelling at Upper Creek Falls, and rafters had lots of fun rowing down the French Broad River on Section 9. A favorite meal, mini corn-dogs and mac’n’cheese, was devoured during lunch, and everyone loved it so much that the Sunnysiders called out the Kitchen Staff to thank them for such an incredible meal. Thirty minutes of rest then the Tweedles stampeded out to Trading Post for their candy. The older girls are always a little slower because they love to sleep during Rest Hour.

The clouds got darker during third and fourth period and then the rain came. There was no thunder so many activities continued on as usual. There is nothing better than playing in Doris when it’s raining. The rain make kayaking more fun by hearing the rain pound the water and the kayak as the girls flipped over. Because it was Free Swim Friday, the girls loved jumping off the Blob in the rain as well. The rain did not stop an overnight mountain biking trip went out to Black Balsam and Dupont or Holly H. and Hayden W.’s overnight backpacking trip to Lookout Mountain. We were so proud of our Sunnysiders for leading this trip.

The rain really picked up right before dinner, so the girls rushed in a little damp. After a dinner of Barbecue Chicken and Hash-brown Casserole, White Feather began. The White Feather ceremony was held in the Tucker Inn due to the rain. So many promotions and commendations were given! We were so proud of our girls. After White Feather everyone headed to Cabin Night. The rain continued, but everyone found ways to have fun despite having to change some plans. Stardust went to the Boyd’s which is always a special treat. Some girls had free swim, others played games, and some even did scavenger hunts. It was a night to remember. Everyone went to bed exhausted but ready for another great day tomorrow!

Today at lunch we celebrated many birthdays! Happy Birthday to Addison K, Ashley J, Rose R, Sarah M, Leigh R, and Ella S.


Camper Commendations:

Mary Emma W., Oleanna E., Gemma W.,  Amy W., Josephine V., Clarissa S., Eleanor T.,  Ellie G.,  Mary Margaret L., Avery C. B., Lillian R., Isabelle O’B.,  Jessica G.,  Ashley Lauren J., Patterson G., Mallory B., Zoe H.,  Loy H., Jenna H., Breland B., Willa M., Mira S., Ashley P., Mary Elizabeth G., Kennidi G., Francesca B., Molly M., Gretchen N., Anna H., Virginia L., Chloe Vosdoganes F., Sarah Katherine E., Bailey Z., Marianna S.,  Sofie Q., Hannah F., Harper Van G.,  Dayton K., Clover M., Savannah S., Grace M., Elli B., Lacey C., and Elizabeth G.


Counselor Commendations:

Reagan M., Olivia G., Gabby A., Jillian C., Lindsay J., Carolina D., Eleanor T., Emaline C., Gracie H., Grace Virginia D., Charly S., Cecilia G., Isabelle O’B., Virginia C., Heather C., Grace R., Lilly Hemm., Clare M., Nicole F., Mae R., Breland B., Margaret H., Sarah P. Lucy T., Claire H., Kelsey W., Ava W., Kate A., Maddie L., Leighandra R., Eliza G., Sabina S., Kate B., Drake M., Brigitte N., Holly H., Avery J., Georgia N., Caroline C., Lane H., Stella D., Nora F., Zadie H., Caroline B., and Zoe K.



Tumbleweed: Reagan B., Paton C. Carolina C., Eleni F. Leah G. Dayton K. Jacqueline N. Alice N. Georgia N. Georgia H. Allison B. Allie P. Clover M., Senica Van H. Legare S. Grace G.

Eva D. Margaret Miller, Ashley S. Kennedy A. Carolina B., Elizabeth G. Sadie M.

Groundhog: Lane H. Zadie H. Lacey C.

Badger: Stella D., Grace M. Elli B, Zoe K.

Arrow: Regan M. Jillian C. Kathryn C. Abby S. Eleanor T. Mary Margaret L. Amelia M. Lillian R. Callie S. Isabella G. Jenna H. Elizabeth M. Clare M. Isabella S.,

Crazy Creek: Carolina D., Cate L., Lillian F., Nicole F.

Longbow: Clarissa S.

Running Deer: Bella C. Isabelle O’B. Christina J. Morgan S. Erin W. Olivia W. Aubrey W. Sarah P.

Red Tail: Grace A. Jessica G. Sarah P. Kate A. Claire H.

Junior Feather: Virginia C. Hailey F. Patterson G. Drake M. Julia B.