Sunday at camp is a great day to rest and recharge for the fun-filled week ahead. The girls woke up an hour later than usual, and strolled down in their Sunday whites to a delicious breakfast- cinnamon rolls and a special treat of chocolate milk! As breakfast and singing came to an end, the girls walked up to chapel for more singing and a Bible story put on by one of the cabins.

Right after chapel, the Tweedles had some free swim time! They had so much fun with their counselors and friends out in the beautiful lake. There were campers all around playing games and making memories. Seeing them enjoy the time they have here makes you really thankful for a place where they can grow through friends and adventure.

After a bit of free time, the girls ran to the Tucker Inn for Sunday lunch which consisted of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, and some bread rolls! (One of my favorite meals) We also had dessert at lunch- apple turnovers! After the girls had sung a few songs and had a few announcements, they lined up outside for their cabin photos. Then the bell rang for rest hour, and before I knew it, rest hour was over. The girls sprinted to Trading Post to get some afternoon snacks, and they enjoyed having some more free time. The weather was a little cloudy this afternoon, so many of the girls were hanging out in the cabins, and spending quality time with their cabin mates.

As the skies became blue, it was time for the cookout! Hamburgers and hotdogs were for dinner accompanied by some yummy pasta, watermelon, chips, and cookies. After the girls finished their dinner, they headed up to the chapel for vespers. They watched some funny skits, sang some fun songs, and had a special guest come to speak. Now the girls are enjoying some time with their cabins, and will soon be getting ready for the week to come. What an amazing day it has been.

From this haven,

Virginia Horn


Proud Seminole ‘18