It’s Merri-Mac Monday! Today started out like any other day at camp, the bugle rang for the campers to get up and start their daily chores. Soon after Reveille it was time for breakfast. To the campers delight we had French toast sticks and sausage! The campers were practically pushing down the doors to the Tucker Inn ready to eat, they were so excited! At breakfast the staff made the announcement that it was senior staff appreciation day, a day to celebrate and recognize all the hard work our senior staff members put in every day. After breakfast all the campers made their way to chapel to worship and hear a true story.

Caroline C. gave chapel today and answered the question “What does God require of us?” Her true story touched on her own experience having to work for and earn an allowance to save up for an American Girl doll. She referenced a verse in Ephesians and talked about how we don’t have to earn God’s love and grace, we just have to accept Jesus as our savior.

First and second period flew by as the campers were having the time of their lives. Some campers were shooting their bows and arrows in order to gain their silver bar, others were working on their roll in kayaking, and some were trying to catch frogs in order to gain a mark. Soon it was time for lunch and the campers were so excited for Stromboli! Along with the Stromboli we had fresh carrots and tomatoes as well as a health bar and gluten free pizza. The campers were stuffed and ready to go to rest time. But first, the staff had a surprise for all the campers in Tucker inn. It was CHRISTMAS EVE!  We had a visit from Santa himself, who was accompanied by Mrs. Clause and one of their reindeer. They all made their way around the dining hall in order to deliver this wonderful surprise.

Rest time came and went as the campers were looking forward to getting trading post. As soon as the bugle rang the girls were out the door and sprinting to get in line for their snacks. Games of tether ball, gaga ball, and hanging out on the Tweedle porch ensued and girls in intermediate camp had free swim. The girls were jumping off the blob, paddle boarding, diving, and enjoying some time to relax and swim in Lake Doris.

Third and fourth period came as fast as the first two did. Pottery, summer reading, and fencing were in full swing and all the girls had huge smiles plastered across their faces. You could tell that they were having the time of their lives. Dinner was in the near future and everyone couldn’t wait for Chicken Alfredo pasta and garlic bread with m&m cookies for dessert. The girls were getting so excited for Christmas carols and a visit from Santa!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight!

From the Haven,

Hannah Geelhart

Jiggity Jog counselor

Proud Choctaw ‘18