The girls woke up this morning at 7:00 am with smiles on their faces ready for another day at Camp Merri-Mac! After cleaning their cabins, they rushed down to the Tucker Inn for pancakes and bacon! Once plates were clean and bellies were full, everyone headed to the chapel where we sang songs of praise and heard from Adam about how Jesus is the only thing that will ever be enough to fully satisfy us! He told a story about his daughter and her blanket as a child and how nothing else was able to take its place to comfort her. Jesus is that way for us, nothing can ever replace Him and His love for us!

Then it was time for activities! First and second periods were amazing, with the bright blue skies making for a perfect day for all activities! In cooking the girls made red and green pasta in celebration of yesterday’s Christmas festivities!! Girls in mountain biking practiced on the hills around camp while kayakers practiced wet exits! After the bugle rang signaling lunch was ready, the girls enjoyed a camp favorite, tacos in a bag!! It was also announced at dinner that Senior Hill campers will be visiting Camp Timberlake tonight for games and a firework show! The younger campers will stay here for a carnival with different activities around camp property!! We are so excited! Rest hour was the perfect opportunity for naps and letters, but as soon as the bugle sounded, girls ran out of cabins to get in line for a snack at Trading Post. Free time ended at 3:00, and afternoon activities started up all over camp!

Lots of girls had the opportunity to go on trips today! Canoeing took Gianna B, Glynes H., Emerson S., Mackenzie W., Ann Marie S., Ruari O., Kathryn N, and Alison Q. The climbing trip consisted of Charley G, Cheney C, and Sarah Caulley S. Waterskiing took Ryan S., Anne Marie S., Emerson S., Maisie B., Charlotte C., and Chloe W. The Mountain Biking trip took Samantha F., Gabriella K., Taylor S., and Alison M. What a great day for camp trips to practice new skills!!

Tonight the girls will be decked out in all their best patriotic American gear for the Timberlake trip for Senior Hill and Camp Carnival for Junior and Intermediate!! We are so excited to participate in activities and spend time growing sweet friendships! As the session comes to a close, girls are becoming more and more thankful for the friendships and fun they have here at camp and what a sweet sight it is!!


What a great day at Camp Merri-Mac!!

Sara Hollis Smith T

Stardust Counselor

Go Seminoles!