Today was a fun and busy day at Camp Merri-Mac as our first full two-week session begins to end. We started our day at breakfast having chicken biscuits with hash browns, then it was onto chapel. After chapel, campers went to different locations for their tribal meetings, then onto activities! Girls were finishing their last crafts and trying to earn their last few bars.

Campers were out on Lake Doris in kayaks and canoes, while others swam and enjoyed the blob! In cooking, girls enjoyed a tea party with finger foods that they helped make. On Pippin Hill, girls were practicing their yoga, working on soccer bars, or climbing to the top of the rock wall. Gymnastics had a fun day of traveling around to different locations and practicing throughout the day as the princess party cast prepared their festivities. In guitar, campers were working on learning their favorites songs.

We had girls out on trips all day today from the breakfast hike that Cece N, Carolina C, Eden G., Addison T, Ella B., Mary Stewart B., Madeline C., Carlin F., and Evelyn M. all enjoyed, to the kayaking trip Mackenzie P., Arwen L., Sarah Caulley S., Margaret B., Lauren M., and Moriah S. went on! Lauren T., Celeste T., Kate C., Greer H., Margret J., Mclaine D., Rachel B., and Emily A., all went on a canoeing trip, while Taylor S., Catherine T., Samantha F., Gabriella K., Sarah F., Mary M., Tillie M., and Sarah R., all went mountain biking!

All throughout today, our girls have been so excited for tonight’s party honoring the camp princess, Izzy E. Cabin princess have been in the mike all day practicing for their big show! All the campers have been talking trying to figure out the mystery theme! It’s been such a fun and exciting day watching all of our campers have a blast in their activities! I can’t wait to see what other adventures the summer holds for our campers!

Cara B.

DIY Crafts

1st Summer