After a restful Sunday yesterday, campers and staff were eager to return back to our regular schedules and start the second week of second session! Breakfast was a delicious camp classic of eggs, bacon, and biscuits! As always, we ended the meal in the best way possible–by singing! Today our Sunnysiders led us in a few of our favorite camp songs, such as “Three Bears” and “Little Green Frog.” Afterward, we headed to Chapel where Guitar Instructor Lainey G. led us in worship as we sang “Anchor for Our Soul,” “Star of the Morning,” and an especially beautiful rendition of “Come Thou Fount.” Camp Director Adam Boyd read from Romans 5:6, and spoke to campers and staff about how Jesus died for us so that we can live for Him.


We had many girls out on trips throughout the morning and afternoon! Waterskiing out on Lake James today was Sarah W., Trista R., Caroline H., Frances M., Caroline M., and Maddison M. Kayaking at the Lower Green were Blake H., Annie H., Laura P., Ann A., Kiera L., and Claire R. while Hayley F., Finley M., BellaRose G., Kate O., and Anna G. went out Mountain Biking. In order for Charlotte C., Celia B., Kendall D., Claire F., Kate S., Claire B., Olivia M., Nadia R., Sarah L. to work towards their bars in Climbing, they went on a trip to Table Rock and climbed at the Chimneys!


As campers headed off to their first and second-period classes, they were met with an especially fun day in store! Dance classes worked on across the floor combos and improvisation. Audrey M., Addison M., Amelia B., Layla C., and Ellie D., all earned their Bronze bars, and Anna B. earned her Gold with a clogging solo! Drama classes practiced stage directions and played several favorite character building games. After presenting their original stage design, a dramatic monologue, and a musical number, Martha G., and Anna P. each earned their Silver! Cooking classes served up some delicious tacos, while DIY worked on their collage books.


Free time after classes brought several games of tetherball and lots of bracelet making for our Tweedles before they sprinted to the Tucker Inn for another classic camp meal—taco in a bag! Campers and staff enjoyed their delicious meals as they shared stories and accomplishments from the morning. Lunch ended with tribe songs, as the Choctaw, Iroquois, and Seminole tribes each shouted cheers of pride. Some favorite tribe songs from the afternoon were “Choctaw Tribe Dominates,” “I’ve Got Tribe,” and of course, “Iroquois Storm.” As it came time for my favorite part of the day, the announcement of evening activity, we were met with some special visitors: Santa, Mrs. Claus, and their elves! It’s the most wonderful time of the summer: Christmas Eve!! The dining hall erupted in cheers as we sang to “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” while Santa and (her) elves danced through the aisles. Campers were filled with the Christmas spirit as we headed off to Rest Hour and Trading Post!


Tweedle Dot hosted a spa for all campers during free time while other campers worked hard on bars and ran the Tomahawk Trail. There were most exciting accomplishments achieved in classes this afternoon, as Anna B. earned her Gold bar in Tennis, and Elizabeth R. earned her Gold bar in Riflery. Elizabeth even got to follow a Merri-Mac tradition and name her own rifle– “Somewhere Over the Rambo!” As campers headed to dinner, a delicious Christmas Eve lasagna, they decked out in red and green from head to toe, pulling out their Santa hats, Christmas pajamas, and jingle bells! After Dinner, campers will head to their cabins for some Christmas card making, while counselors stuff stockings and prepare to carol with candles to each cabin. This tradition is a camper favorite, as each girl sits in her bed listening to the sweet sound of Christmas music and await the excitement yet to come on Christmas morning!



Merri Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight!


From this Haven,


Kristie Garren

Evening Activities Director

Climbing Instructor

14th Summer at Merri-Mac

Proud Iroquois