It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Merri-Mac Christmas! Today, everyone enjoyed a day of sleeping in and were woken up with a sweet surprise of donuts and hot chocolate. “All I Want for Christmas” played on repeat as the girls danced and spread the Christmas cheer! All the good campers also saw that counselors had filled their stockings with candy and other treats.


We had a lot of girls on trips today; On the rafting trip was Sylvia B., Caroline F., Margaret H., Ria J., Chloe L., Marah M., Sarah M., AnnaLee P., Mya P., Lillian S., Payton W., and Grace A.; On a day hike to Linville Upper Creek Falls was Millie C., Mollie R., Emma Lee F., Cameron P., Elizabeth J., Margaret R., Mary Elizabeth S., Olivia M., Claire B., and Madison K.; and on a climbing trip to table rock was Grace F., Phoebe F., and Lilian F.


The first and second period today was especially exciting because there were so many campers that were working towards their bars! I saw Knowlton W. test for her gold in tennis, Elizabeth R. test for her gold in junior lifeguarding, and even got to see Harper R. demonstrate how to set up a water filter for her bronze in backpacking!


Lunch today was a Christmas classic – turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and peas followed by singing tribe songs, “We’ve got the Spirit”, and the princess song. After all the singing, it was time to announce tonight’s evening activity – BATTLEBALL!!! The dining hall erupted with tribe songs once again in anticipation of this camp favorite evening activity. The staff was especially excited to end the night by playing against the oldest cabin, Sunnyside.


Free time was filled with more candy from the trading post, volleyball, and tetherball. Other campers continued to work on their marks by running the Tomahawk trail and working on their bars. In the afternoon classes, I enjoyed getting to play a game of jail in tennis, watching diving where Camille B. got her front tuck, and I even got to try some delicious chicken tacos made by cooking. It’s so exciting to see all the campers decked out in their tribal gear as they are running into the dining hall where we get to enjoy a breakfast-for-dinner meal of chicken-n’-waffles paired with a yogurt and granola buffet.

‘Twas a Merri Christmas Merri-Mac!


From this Haven,

Sydney Belt

Blue Heaven Counselor

Backpacking Counselor

Proud Seminole

10th Summer