Ann and I went for a run last night. The girls were playing Sock War behind the Big House. We started running in front of the Big House and could hear the girls cheering. We made it to the gate and could hear the girls cheering. We headed out of the gate, turned left, passed several neighbors’ houses and could hear the girls cheering. We ran far enough that we were breathing hard and over raspy-3rd-session-out-of-shape-heaving we heard the girls cheering. This is the loudest bunch of girls we’ve ever seen, and we could not be prouder.

There is something fantastic about cheering with your friends, and it is better when the cheering is mixed with singing. It is better still when you are cheering for people that you really want to see win, and of course being cheered for might be the best of all. When a girl loves something enough to stand on her bench, stomp, clap and hoot at the top of her voice something really great is happening. 

I do not know what brain researchers might say. I looked and could not find any studies, but if they do one they need to come to Merri-Mac because these girls are loud, and these girls are happy, and these girls love each other to cheer louder than anywhere else.


With certain hearing loss…