Good evening Merri-Mac families! So glad you checked in! Today was one of my favorite days at camp so far! We had all of the best meals, the energy of everyone was high and the sun came out for awhile which is always a plus!

The morning started off as usual to the sound of the bugle humming over the hills! The girls sleepily strolled down from their cabins to see what was on the menu for breakfast! Baked oatmeal and warm muffins quickly filled our stomachs and the whole camp was ready for an amazing Wednesday!

A few trips went out this morning!

A Canoe trip left with Janie C., Hannah F., Ann B., Claire H., Taylor M., Gretchen N., Kelsey W., and Grace K.! A Kayaking trip went out with Martha P., Kennedi G., Nora Q., Molly M, Gemma W., River L., Gabby A., and Heather C.! Waterskiing had a beautiful day on Lake James with Merrit G., Mary C., Margaret H., Olivia W., Elizabeth H., and Mary Emma W.! A day hike went out with Ansley C., Anne Gordon S., Caroline B., Kennedy A., Cora A., Wimberly J., Caroline C., Graycie C., and Zadie H.!

After breakfast and singing some silly songs, we headed up to chapel and sang praises to our Father! It was a particularly special chapel because Maddie W. played the guitar for everyone to earn her gold! We heard another true story from the sweet Mary H. about how with God in our hearts, we see all of the good that He has for our lives!

Morning activities rolled on by with all of the classes busy busy busy working on their technique and having a blast! The lake was busing with life as girls dove off of the diving board, practiced their strokes in swimming and their rolls in kayaking! Counselor Margaret P. said her favorite part about teaching kayaking today was seeing all of the girls set their mind to accomplishing and overcoming one thing they were afraid of! How cool is that?

The morning flew by and it was time for lunch! It was Greek day- a meal that includes pita pockets and chips, chicken, and of course all of the yummy fixings! The girls belted out their Tribe songs and Kristie G. announced evening activity….CABIN NIGHT! Cheering erupted among the girls and they all began to try to guess what kind of fun their counselor’s had planned for them!

After a time for rest and some sweet treats from the trading post, the girls headed to their third and fourth periods for the day! Pottery practiced throwing on the wheel (I can’t wait to see all of the girls creations later this week!), DIY worked on their camp memory books and Archery on their groupings!

Tonight at dinner the girls feasted on savory baked ziti, warm bread and chocolate cake for desert! As the girls finish up their cabin songs in the Tucker Inn, rain is coming down pretty hard- though I know it won’t keep each cabin from having a blast- the pictures of all the fun might just look a little damper than usual! We can’t wait for another amazing day- tune in tomorrow for more updates!


From this haven,

Zena Davis

Merri-Mac Social Media Director