Happy Thursday! Campers and staff could not have imagined a better day to end session 3A! We started our day as usual, with a 7:00am reveille. Campers got out of bed and tidied the cabins, excited to make the most out of some of their last day at camp. And what better way to start that day than with baked oatmeal for breakfast!

After breakfast, campers headed to chapel to sing some of their favorite worship songs, and hear the sermon from the one and only Adam Boyd today! He talked about who Jesus is with some nice analogies and stories. Then after chapel, girls headed to their cabins to pack up and spend some quality time with fellow campers and counselors during first period. In second period, the lake activities had free swim while other activities, such as backpacking, taught campers how to climb trees!

A few trips left this morning! Rafting staff took Kennedi G., Allie S., Kelsey W., Adeline G., Emma L., Isabella D., Frances I., Breland B., Caroline S., Avery B., Isabelle T., and Kathryn C to a lovely river to ride down some rapids! Ansleigh S., Kate S., Lily H., Gretchen N., and Claire H. went on a Kayaking trip. Last but not least, Olivia B., Marin D., Clover M., Paige R., Libby S., Jane T., Kate O., and Isabel D. went on a Mountain Biking Trip to our brother camp, Timberlake!

Lunch was a camp classic and favorite: PIZZA! The girls were excited to eat this meal, and more than excited to belt out their favorite tribe songs at the end of lunch! After tribal spirit filled the dining hall, we practiced some of our friendship circle songs. This reminded all of the girls of how much they love camp, and how much they don’t want to leave! After this, everyone headed up the hill to have some down time, also known as rest hour. The thirty minutes seemed to fly by, because before we knew it we could heard the heard run down to trading post! The campers just can’t get enough of those AirHead Extremes!

3rd and 4th periods were filled with lots of fun and new adventure. From pottery to climbing, girls were still trying out new things in their classes. Kristie G. lead an excellent climbing class, helping one of the girls almost complete the climbing wall route for her gold bar! The riding ring was also filled with many campers having lots of fun with the horses. In kayaking, girls were practicing their T-rescues!

Dinner was orange chicken, with the camp favorite for dessert: SMORE POCKETS! After the girls ate a five-star meal, we headed to White Feather Ceremony and Macky’s green for an ice cream party and the slip n’ slide! It truly does not get more fun than the slip n’ slide!

We are so blessed as a staff to have y’all send your girls here every summer. They grow more in their skills and in their relationship with God by the day! We have had a great 2 weeks, and cannot wait to see everyone again next summer! Until next year Merri Mac Families! 3B, we are so excited to have y’all!

From this Haven…

Kate T.

Milky Way Counselor

Volleyball Instructor