It was another Merri day at camp! Our campers were woken up at 8 (yay for an extra hour of sleep!) this morning to the donut truck driving around for a random donut day! After getting donuts and milk, campers went back to cabins to work on chores and to get ready for classes!


Quite a few trips left this morning! A Backpacking trip left for Pisgah with Isabel D., Georgia D., Lily T., Gigi N., Clarissa S., Caroline S., Madeline M., and Caroline G.! An Airsoft trip headed over to Camp Timberlake with Sophie S., Elizabeth M., Amelia W., Marth O., Lilly H., Anna R., Sophia N., Sarah B., Grace L., Lily K., and Merrit G.! A Waterskiing trip had some fun in the sun on Lake James with Dana B., Eleanor F., Sabina S., Chloe V., and Julia C.! A Climbing trip went to Snakes Den for a waterfall repel with Grace H., Caroline R., Caroline M., Savannah S., Clover M., Eva S., Charlotte K., and Mims P. 


We hope all of these girls had fun, and we’re glad they were able to go out and use the skills they learned at camp!


After a few days of rain, our campers were able to enjoy a fun-filled, outdoors day with cool weather! Our two-week campers began to wrap up their classes and get their last bars of the session in their morning classes! For lunch, we had Hawaiian roll sandwiches with fries and oranges! Instead of tribal songs, the Sunnysiders decided to have a Disney day of singing. All the girls in the dining hall joined in for favorite songs.


After resting, girls raced down to the trading post to get their favorite snacks and to spend time with their friends! In afternoon activities we saw girls climbing trees in backpacking, making pasta in cooking, and playing games of volleyball. Several of our classes went down to the chapel to see the PAWS talent show that girls have been working hard to prepare for! Other girls spent the full day preparing for tonight’s princess party! Everyone is so excited and can’t wait to find out the theme! We’re so proud of all the hard work our campers and CITs have put into this!



Cara Barker, DIY Crafts