It was a Merri Christmas at Camp Merri-Mac today! The girls enjoyed a restful morning sleeping in until Ol’ Blue stopped by with donuts, chocolate milk and fruit; campers could hear the truck horn and Christmas music playing over the radio as their counselors ran out to grab their treats. After filling their bellies with a sweet breakfast, the girls were given their stockings filled to the brim by counselors with care. Christmas spirit was in the air!

First period started like normal with fun-filled activities. Georgia Grace N. and Avery F. both got their golds in lacrosse, and Lily H. got her gold in kayaking!

Our lunch today was a Christmas classic of turkey, peas, rolls, mashed potatoes, gravy, and a few other delicious holiday classics. Lower camp sang The 12 Days of Christmas and upper camp sang Mistletoe, along with a few others holiday tunes, in lieu of tribe songs for the celebration. 

A couple of trips went out this morning including a rafting and an overnight backpacking trip. On the rafting trip was Lillian S., Kathryne W., Chloe R., Lyla A., Marin D., Ellie G., Palmer M., Bradley M., Mckenna N., Maryalice A., Claire M., and Caroline H., and on the backpacking trip was Ella B., Kate B., Brooke B., Sofia C., Grace M., Caroline M., Greta R., and Caroline R.

After activities wrapped up for the day, the girls savored some breakfast for dinner. We had chicken and waffles, a fan favorite, with red rice and beans at the hot bar. As evening activities began, a warm glow poured over the mountains, the lake was still, and the cheers and laughs of campers rolled down the hill; it was my favorite type of evening at camp.

We finished the day with Counselor Hunt for lower camp, Battle Ball for Red Fox neighborhood, and Tribal Trivia for Blue Heron neighborhood.The lower camp girls were graced with a camp LEGEND at Counselor Hunt when Bobby Boyd, our longest standing and loyal groundskeeper, was found by Ellie B., an Iroquois, and pushed in the lake for 1000 points! 

As I write this post, a sing-off is taking place on the back porch, cookies are baking in the oven, Shrinky Dinks are being designed, and two cabins are searching high and low during their Trading Post scavenger hunt. It’s truly been another glorious day at camp filled with Christmas cheer.

From this haven,

(Elizabeth) Olvey

Snack Czar, Sultress of Fun, Assistant to the Director of Mystery, Staff Lounge Hall Monitor, Director of Rebranding, and 2F Hostess