Today was a very bittersweet day at Camp Merri-Mac. Girls were woken up by the usual bugle and set off for breakfast. This morning was scrambled eggs and potatoes with a side of fruit! After breakfast lower camp headed off to their last chapel, with a story by Adam Boyd about how God is the one true thing we need in life. Upper camp then headed off to sunnyside chapel, on the dock. After chapel all the girls ran up to the cabins to clean up before the last, and final cabin check which determined who would win the cabin cake at lunch!

Then girls headed off to their first and second periods. Girls enjoyed their last day of Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday activities. Girls at the lake were able to cool off and enjoy free swim and the blob at doris. While girls in pottery, DIY, and Knitting were able to finish and receive their projects. After the second period girls headed towards lunch which was mini corn dogs, mac and cheese, and salad. Towards the end of lunch the cabin cake was awarded to Jiggity jig, Milkyway, Cloud Nine and Dreamsend. As girls headed in to rest hour, everyone began packing and organizing as they prepare to get picked up tomorrow. As girls finished packing they were rewarded tray-po and headed off to there final two periods. While girls in archery and rifle shot their final targets, girls in backpacking climbed trees, and practiced making tents.

After activities and dinner everyone headed off to the last white feather, where all camper and counselor accommodations were awarded; and girls who had earned different amounts of marks this session received their necklaces. After white feather girls headed off to one of the best parts of the night, the banner and the crowning of the spirits. This year’s banner winner was Iroquois and the Princess of Merri-Mac was rewarded to Everly H., Spirit of Sportsmanship Ivy C. and Spirit of Good Cheer Erin I.!! All girls fit perfectly for these three roles and we hope to have them back next year. Then girls headed off to lakeside, the saddest but most memorable night at camp. As all the girls gathered around the lake everyone lit their candles and sang pass it on, taps, and all my life’s a circle. After many years everyone headed off to sleep in their bunks for one last time, and look forward to seeing all of their families tomorrow.

From this haven,

Paige Snyder


Proud Seminole