The bugle went off at 8 am this morning instead of the usual 7 am! Campers were so excited to hear Old Blue rolling through camp with donuts and chocolate milk. After they enjoyed breakfast in bed, they had a quick cabin clean up and headed to their first period. Many fun games were played in classes to celebrate the last Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. 

Lunch was an all time favorite… Greek day! All the girls enjoyed their chicken gyros and homemade potato chips. After a relaxing rest hour and some delicious tray-po, the girls set out for their next activities. Campers had a blast blobbing at Lake Doris, playing with puppies in PAWS, and shredding in mountain biking. 

For dinner, we had a scrumptious meal of pork, potatoes, and carrots with fruit pudding for dessert. It was announced that lower camp would be playing sock war and upper camp would be playing counselor hunt! This was the last day for tribes to fight for the banner (Go Noles!). We had a blast playing our games, but now it is time for bed. We love having your daughters here with us this summer despite the circumstances. Thank you for sharing them with us! This summer will be forever cherished.

From this haven,

Paige Snyder and Virginia Horn

CIT and Photographer

Proud Seminoles