This is one of my favorite days of the year. It’s always fun to watch our campers welcome new two-weekers into their camp life. It happens so seamlessly that it’s easy to miss. Girls who have been here two weeks, who have become inseparable friends, immediately open up their groups to welcome the new girls. They teach them cabin songs, show them their favorite parts of camp and then show off a little when they sing the announcement song all the way through. Right now they are on the mountain welcoming them into the tribe and then tomorrow they will be walking to classes together – new friends, best friends.


Ann and I especially enjoyed today because we got to meet so many of you. We love the chance to see “our” girls with their families and we really enjoy the chance to answer your questions, but if you have others then I hope you will email us directly. Our first priority is to do a great job for your girls. Our second is to help you see and be comfortable with everything happening here.


With that in mind I want to encourage you to login and view our photos. You can do that here. The join code was in your camper packet, but you can also call us at 828-669-8766 if you need a reminder.


Finally, we want to welcome our new tribe members:


The new Merri-Mac Golden Eagles are:

County 1

Wendy D., Josie D., Laura Catherine M., Madeline Q., Frances B., Helen O., Anna W., Eva P., Katie M., Reese B., Paige K., Louisa K., Ava P., Gracie F.

County 2

Sydney H., Mary Hayes C., Cate W.


The new Merri-Mac Black Bears are:

County 1

Meigs G., Catherine P., Libby H., Harper M., Bailey S., Chollet O., Livy J., Lily J. M., Caroline D., Eleanor D., Jane D., Caroline J., Audrey V., Amelia C., Campbell H., Aubrey S., Brooke B., Evie G., Sofia S., Caroline C.

County 2

Katherine P., Julie D., Emma S., Ava G., Evelyn C., Belle P., Audrey K., Taylor H., Addie W., Mary Jackson T.


The new Merri-Mac Red Wolves are:

County 1

Betty Lou F., Audrey S., Poppy S., Florence S., Parker B., Claire B., Vivienne B., Hope K.

County 2

Lucy S.


We’re just getting started so Happy Father’s Day and Great Camping!

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