Happy Merri-Mac Monday, friends and families! We are so excited that 1B is officially underway. We’ve had so many exciting things happen in the past 24 hours! 


We started the morning with a great breakfast and singing! After hearing a wonderful message from Adam in chapel, we headed to our first activities of the day! Excitement was abundant as girls were running to their activities, eager to get started. 

In DIY today, the girls started making journals! They are allowed to design them however they choose, through scrapbooking, watercolor, or just doodling. The designs were really fun to see! London W. was working really hard on designing the cover of her journal with her friends. 

Over by the camp craft hut, backpacking was talking about the seven rules of Leave No Trace on their first day. The girls were really listening closely to what those rules were! Mila B. had a great time getting to know the girls in her activity and act out one of the seven rules in a small skit for everyone else. 

Up in the riflery range, Parrish K. and Frances H. were both working on their bronze and silver bars. They worked on their groupings and sights, making sure everything was lined up perfectly to get the best shot.

As if those activities weren’t exciting enough, today’s lunch was a camp favorite: taco in a bag! Cheers of happiness surged through the campers when they found out what the meal was. The dining hall was abuzz with joy. 

As we approach the evening after a fried chicken dinner, all neighborhoods are preparing for their evening activities. Tonight, River and Canyon neighborhoods will be playing sock war and Forest and Mountain neighborhoods will be playing battle ball! The girls are so excited to play tonight, and I’m excited to hear about which tribe wins! 

The girls here are already achieving so much, even in what we think is a short amount of time. New friendships are being made every day and the girls are constantly learning so many things, whether it’s in a new activity or a camp tradition. Today was a great day, and I’m really looking forward to what the rest of the session holds! 


From this haven, 

Collette Campbell

Intermediate Cabin Area Director