Happy Saturday, Merri-Mac families!


This morning graced us with blue skies and sunshine, and we were so happy about it! After breakfast (which included french toast!), our 1A girls got to spend some time with their friends. It was a morning of hugs. They left with their friends saying “We’ll see you next summer!” “I’ll write to you!” Far too quickly, our camp got much quieter.


To our 1A families: We are incredibly grateful and thankful for your trust to take care of your daughters these past two weeks. Their growth was present and such an honor to be a part of. From hearing stories of them getting their first bronzes to seeing girls go off the blob the first time, we were so proud of every achievement. We are so excited to see their smiling faces come back next summer. Thank you for everything! We love y’all so much!


Even though we have a lot less campers today, the fun definitely hasn’t stopped! After lunch and rest hour, our campers that are staying for the rest of 1F got to do many activities, including the slip ‘n’ slide, free swim in Lake Doris, and field games on the top of Pippin Hill. Uma V., Maya C., and Sierra K., were telling me how excited they were that they got to go to the slip ‘n’ slide and spend a lot of time there! Though we weren’t having our daily scheduled activities, our girls were still having a lot of exciting times. Laughter was very present and the dining hall was still full of cheers.


With evening activity coming up (Dutch Auction), there is a lot of buzz still at camp. We still have to make it through dinner, though! Our girls here are so excited for their 1B friends to come join them on these adventures.


To our 1B families: We are over the moon to welcome your daughters bright and early tomorrow morning! The adventures here are already in motion and we’re so excited to take hold of their hand and bring them along. Just as we watched our 1A girls grow, we can’t wait to watch our 1B girls grow, too. We are thrilled for the morning to arrive and to see your cars pull onto camp.


From this haven,


Collette Campbell

Intermediate Cabin Area Director