We love Sundays at camp! We started with sleeping in before our traditional Sunday cinnamon roll and chocolate milk – don’t worry, we also have oatmeal, fruit, and a lot of other things too; but the cinnamon rolls and chocolate milk are always favorites. We then moved to our traditional Sunday rotations. We had girls on the slip and slide, in the lake, off the blob, playing kick ball, badminton, bocci ball, volleyball, tether ball, and all that before lunch.


Lunch is always special on Sundays. Our fried chicken, green beans, yeast rolls, mashed potatoes and apple turnovers are the mainstay, but again, plenty of other options as well. After that, we had some tribal competitions before cabin pizza delivery for dinner. Finally, we had a quick initiation for our new Short Term girls before heading off to our 3P party (pajamas, pizza, and popcorn). From there it will be off to cabin time and taps, so a big day for sure!


Speaking of the initiation, our new Black Bear girls are:

Elise Daniels, Taylor Whigham, Ebby Serbanos, Lydia Long, Amelia Vasquez, Lanier Simpson, Libby Keit, Emma Schaefer


Our new Golden Eagle girls are:

Anna Mccain, Clara Norman, Maggie Bailey, Piper Treadway, Mattie Treadway, Caroline Treadway, Charlotte Blodgett


And our new Red Wolves girls are:

Lillian Custis, Gwen Collins, Marielle Rice, Eadie Metzel, Evie Cannington, Sloan Davis, Adele Petersen


Plenty more ahead so stay posted.


Great Camping!