Today was another awesome day at camp!

The girls came to breakfast in their patriotic attire for America Monday. We filled our bellies with warm french toast sticks, eggs, sausage, and fruit. At Chapel, we sang our hearts out and listened to Ann Boyd share a true story. Then it was off to activities! Delicious cupcakes were whipped up in cooking, a combination of caramel, vanilla, and chocolate. New skills were learned and developed in guitar, knitting, and pottery. Lake activities were especially cheerful today, with the sun shining bright with the blue sky in sight. As I passed by on my walk up to Pippin Hill, I could hear tons of laughter and fun taking place. At Pippin Hill, girls were making their way up the climbing tower, perfecting techniques in soccer and stretching in trail running before setting off on the Tomahawk trail. Dinner was an all-time favorite of chicken alfredo, broccoli, and cheddar biscuits! After dinner, intermediate and junior camp played El Presidente while senior camp began the hunt for counselors. We will find out tomorrow from Sarah R. which tribe won!! (Assuming it was the best tribe of course.) As I look back on today, I am reminded of our mission of experiencing the gospel through friends and adventure. Without a doubt, that was accomplished today. 


From this haven, 

Bonnie Gibson


Proud Golden Eagle