Tape tag, trips, newcome, sock war, and more!

First-period kayaking played tape tag where one camper, in this case, Erin C., started with tape
on the back of her boat, and then she tagged Eloise G., who was in another boat. This helped
the girls improve their stokes and improve their boat control. It was super fun! Second and
third-period kayaking and canoeing teamed up and did water aerobics! Today cooking made
grilled cheese! Every camper in cooking got to make a “special” where they invented their own
grilled cheeses combination. There was the  “Tweedle” special with bread, cheese, and bacon. There was the “Sunnyside” special with bread, cheese, tomato, ham, and egg. The girls got to write
their own special down and post it up on the “Camp Merri Mac Grilled Cheese Hall of Fame” for
everyone to see!

There were a ton of trips going out today! Girls on Senior hill got to go on climbing trips, rafting
trips, mountain biking trips, and even a backpacking trip! Some girls who went on the
backpacking trip are Charlotte W., Claire D., Ella Y., Blair T, Caroline C., etc. All of
these girls are hiking Greybeard trail, a 10-mile trail in Montreat, NC, and sleeping there
overnight. They will all receive a mark for doing this hike! Mountain biking took out a trip this
morning, they biked along the Tomahawk trail on campgrounds. The trip took a little over an
hour and the girls had a great time biking!
After dinner, the lower camp played newcome and the upper camp played sock war! Sock war is a big
version of capture the flag where the Red Wolfs, Golden Eagles, and Black Bears all got to play
against each other and they got their friends on the other team out by tossing a sock at them.
The girls had so much fun!