What a busy Friday! We started the day off with a camp favorite – geometry breakfast! Something about eggs, sausage and biscuits all being the same shape just makes it more fun. From there, it was off to chapel and our morning activities. We’ve had several trips out of the last few days, from trail running to kayaking to backpacking. I am proud of these girls for seeking out adventure!


Backpacking trip to Tabel Rock: Margaret J., Mary Richard E., Caroline M., McLaine D., Libby N., Ann H., Ash S., Eliza S., Greer H., Ella R., Taylor S., Sarah T. and Savannah T.


Mountain Biking in DuPont: Finley Harper, Laine M., Ava C., Courtney W., Isabella W. and Zoe W.


Rafting on the French Broad: Kaitlyn D., Eloise E., Emma F., Eloise G., Elodie G., Tinsley G., Maya C., Uma V., and Allie W.


Trail Running in Montreat: Courtney W., Caroline N., Ana W., Mary Clayton S., Caroline C., and Molly M.


While there were several out on trips today, we had a big day in activities. We had a cookout themed lunch filled with hamburgers, watermelon and curly fries. Shortly after, Tweedle Doe was making s’mores in backpacking. Tweedle Dot had a trading post picnic this afternoon. Maggie B. almost got a bullseye in archery! Virginia B. has been working on a project for her dad in pottery. Sloan D. won her fencing match as did Mary Adams K., Aubrey Ann C., and Leah B.


With all campers safely back on camp, Susana A. thought that spaghetti and meatballs was the best last meal for her session. Cross Patch is having a s’mores and puppies party this evening as their post evening — fitting since our puppies are named after a s’more!


Campers are currently heading up to the campfire for the final White Feather ceremony of 1A. During cabin time this evening, the counselors will go to each camper to describe the gifts and abilities that they have noticed in her.  This is where a girl who may never earn a White Feather Promotion, or a Gold Bar, or be elected to a tribal office, can be told about what we see God doing in her life and her and her contribution to the camp family.

The bars earned this week are as follows:


River, Canyon


Silver   Sydney C. and Collins H.


Silver    Hadley D.


Silver    Mollie M.


Forest, Mountain


Silver    Anna L., Anna E., Lucy W., Emily M.

Gold     Lucy W. and Emily M.


Silver    Courtney W., Savannah T., Frances H., and Sara Catharine E.


Silver    Madison H.


Gold     Caroline R.


Silver    Sarah T., Kennedy M., and Mackenzie W.


Silver    Ella W., Claire K., Kate G., Gabby K., Anna L., Avery C. S., and Kensley W.


Silver    Isabella C., Glynes H., Lynley T., Meredith H., and Ella W.

Gold     Lucy L.


Silver    Gabby K., Molly G., Isabell C., and Ansley W.

Gold     Molly G., Caroline N., Isabella C., and Ansley W.


While many earned bars this week, it takes a few to move up in promotions. Below are the promotions for this week.

River, Canyon

Tumbleweed: Maggie B., Charlie B., Evie C., Gwen C., Lillian C., Elise D., Sloan D., Libby K., Harris K., Lydia L., Hannah M., Anna M., Eadie M., Calra N., Brooke O., Adele P., Marielle R., Emma S., Ebby S., Caroline T., Mattie T., Piper T., Amelia V., and Taylor W.


Groundhog: Lucy C., Avery E., Anne P., Alice R., and Lanier S.


Badger: Avery M.


Arrow: Blair A., Keaton C., Maya C., Hadley D., Molly H., Collins H., Sloan J., Polly M., Julie I., and Abigail M.


Red Tail: Lucy W., and Ansley W.


Forest, Mountain


Arrow: Julie I. and Abigail M.


Red Tail: Lucy W. and Ansley W.


Besides bars and promotions, during White Feather, girls also earn commendations from their fellow campers and their counselors!


River, Canyon

Camper Commendations:

Cross Patch                Bridget C. and Mary E.

Happy Hallow           Sloan J. and Keaton C.

Jiggity Jig                   Polly M. and Mary Shelton T.

Jiggity Jog                  Lauren N. and Elizabeth M.

Lavender’s Blue          Lanier S. and Adele P.

Sun Spot                    Mattie T.

The Robin                  Molly H. and Eleanor B.

Tweedle Dee               Anne P. and Alice R.

Tweedle Doe              Miller G. and Lucy C.

Tweedle Dot               Percy E. and Avery E.

Tweedle Dum             Avery M. and Anna Lovett M.

Up Yonder                  Maya C. and Mary Adams K.

Counselor Commendations:

Cross Patch                Blair A. and Lilah S.

Happy Hallow           Eloise G. and Virginia B.

Jiggity Jig                   Scout K. and Allie Wakefield

Jiggity Jog                  Hadley D. and Dylan C.

Lavender’s Blue          Lanier S. and Sloan D.

Sun Spot                    Lydia L.

The Robin                  Gwen C. and Maggie B.

Tweedle Dee               Anne P. and Alice R.

Tweedle Doe              Mary Ellis S. and Harriet E.

Tweedle Dot               Anneelise W. and Juliet S.

Tweedle Dum             Avery M. and Bizzy L.

Up Yonder                  Maya C. and Uma V.


Forest, Mountain

Camper Commendations:

Big Dipper                 Anya R. and Kensley W.

Blue Heaven              Kate P. and Campbell F.

Cloud Nine               Charlotte W. and Elizabeth M.

Comet                       Adeline P. and Caroline R.

Dreams Begin            Victoria C. and Molly G.

Dreams End              Sarah T. and Cooper K.

Little Dipper              Julie I.

Milky Way                 Betsy S. and Miller C.

Moonmist                  Libby N. and Margaret J.

Rainbow                    Charolotte C. and Glynes H.

Stardust                     Sarah Dial A. and Abigail M.

Sun Drop                  Ella T. and Kate N.

Sunnyside                  Lucy L. and Mia L.

Counselor Commendations:

Big Dipper                 Collman F. and Zelle W.

Blue Heaven              Anna Alton W. and Gabby K.

Cloud Nine               Ella W. and Suzie T.

Comet                       Maisie H. and Sara Catharine E.

Dreams Begin            Victoria C. and Kennedy M.

Dreams End              Taylor S. and Hallie B.

Little Dipper              Frances S.

Milky Way                 Liza H. and Stella M.

Moonmist                  Zoe W. and Greer H.

Rainbow                    Oleta Kate M. and Mary Clayton S.

Stardust                     Abigail M. and Emme V.

Sun Drop                  Meredith W. and Eleanor C.

Sunnyside                  Kathryn S. and Ana W.



Big Dipper: Ava C., Kensley W., Anya R., and Emerson C.

Blue Heaven: Kate P. and Campbell F.

Comet: Emily M.

Moonmist: Tarver G., Ann H., and Zoe W.

Sun Drop: Caroline C.

Sunnyside: Courney W.



Happy camping,

Andrea Pelham

Assistant Director