Hello, all you Merri Mac friends and families!

Although we started with some rain this morning here at camp, the sun shone through in the afternoon and it was yet another fun-filled, crazy day.

Up on Pippin Hill, Sadie E. completed the overhang on the climbing wall and is continuing to trek along on her silver bar. Nearby, Ava Rose K. learned how to play Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” on the guitar, and I’m sure this was what propelled the climbers to the top of the tower. Not to be outdone, the whole second-period riflery class hit their targets, and a special shoutout to Ann C. who got two bullets in the black zone! Ally W. earned her silver bar in fencing today and down in the Enchanted Barn Lily H. had a blast making pinch pots in her pottery class. To top it all off, Zelle W. and Lucy W. both learned how to do their rolls in kayaking, and we hope to see these new skills on the river soon!

While most campers spent today on Merri Mac’s beautiful campus, our oldest cabins, Sunnyside, Sundrop, and Dreams End, had a special surprise trip. It started with a Chik fil a catered breakfast and progressed to tubing down the Green River. They are currently having a picnic and photoshoot on Pippin Hill, and rumor has it that there is a movie night in their future, so stay tuned. Annie W. and Amelia L. also ate well today as they made quiche and cinnamon toast in cooking class. Madeleine W. had a great lunch in the dining hall and then swept afterward with her cabin all while wearing a bright silver squid hat. Many campers have run with the “Tacky Tuesday” theme of today, starting with MoonMist wearing fairy wings and wacky hats to lunch. I would suggest looking at the pictures to get a full scope of their outfits.

This afternoon, some campers from Comet decided to run the Tomahawk Trail while their other cabin mates cheered them on. Anna S., Rachel B., Adeline P., and Maisie H. not only ran the Tomahawk but are now headed out tonight for their Solo 13’s, a Merri Mac tradition where campers over 13 can sign up to camp in the woods by themselves for a night. However, staff will be stationed nearby, and I will be going with them after I attend a “Tacky Prom” thrown by Dreams Begin and Rainbow down at the Mike. I’ve been told that the dress is formal with a touch of wacky. Crosspatch might not be going to prom, but they are going to have a fun night putting the Paws puppies to bed! It’s been a long day but a great one, and we’re looking forward to doing it all over again tomorrow.