Why are so many girls wearing masks?

We honestly have no idea. Of course there are times when we need to wear masks at camp, but these girls act like they really enjoy them.
Three thoughts:

  1. They are easier to wear than carry. I am actually impressed with how few masks are turning up in the lost and found, and I hope more will get lost as they start removing them more often. I promise, you will never again hear a camp director say they want more lost and found.
  2. Habit. In all seriousness, our girls have been wearing masks for a long time, and for some transitioning back to normal has been tough. Honestly, I had my mask on the other day when I was in my office alone. I also wonder if some of this is muscle-memory from a long year of wearing masks in public. Charles Duhigg has a great book on this sort of habit loop.
  3. They don’t mind masks as much as we think they should. Maybe a good word for this is resilience.

In the meantime, don’t fret, Ann and I are out there every day reminding girls that they can remove their masks, and my guess is that as we move through the summer this will get easier and easier.

Great Camping!