It was a wonderful Wednesday here at Merri-Mac! This morning started out especially amazing because it was pancake breakfast! The Tucker-Inn was booming with fun morning songs that you can hear from a mile away. After breakfast, all the campers went to chapel where Rainbow camper Griffin Bryan helped lead chapel today to earn her gold in Guitar. Way to go Griffin!

Activities started out this morning with camper Caroline Bland screaming “I’m a mountain woman!” once she got to the top of the climbing wall in climbing class. After visiting Pippin Hill where Yoga, Soccer, and Climbing is held, I made my way down to PAWS. In PAWS today, they were teaching the campers how to properly give a dog a bath and maybe the dogs weren’t a huge fan, but the girls loved it!

Because this is the last day for Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes, on the dock the girls got to have a day of free swim. They were able to go off the diving board and show their skills and even got to go on the blob. After 1st and 2nd period, the campers all piled into the Tucker-Inn for a lunch of delicious pasta with pepperoni and cheese rolls lunch. Afterwards we all sang tribe songs at the top of our lungs and then learned that tonight’s activity is Amazing Race!

The Amazing Race is a camp wide relay race between the three tribes. Girls in each tribe have been chosen for a specific event to compete for their tribe during the game. It starts at the Enchanted Barn where the girls will have to draw to move onto the next activity and then the first chief of either tribe to slide down the slip-n-slide will then win the Amazing Race!

This afternoon, cooking was holding a high tea with finger foods, handmade scones, and come delicious tea. From walking out of the cooking kitchen, there was smoke arising from the Backpacking Hut. They were learning how to create a fire and then got to cook delicious s’mores from the fire they built. Camper Elli Bland is always thrilled to be in backpacking and stated that “There is always something new to learn in backpacking and it’s always fun to learn it”. Volleyball was raining with gold bars today as that 18 girls got their gold! Wow! Tonight is going to be a blast!

Izzy Ott

Blue Heaven Counselor