Hello from yet another fantastic day at Camp Merri-Mac! This morning the girls ate delicious French toast and yummy sausage patties. After a filling meal, the girls went on the their first periods of the day and had fun-filled time in their activities full of growth and friends. In mountain biking the girls pushed their limits with the pump track and got to express their creative sides in DIY with the art of storytelling. By the lake, kayakers were learning some t-rescues and in tennis, girls were perfecting the overhand serves. Lunch was a real treat today with quesadillas, chips and salsa, and cantaloupe melon. And of course the camp became ecstatic when it was announced the camp would be playing Mission Impossible tonight! To win this tribal activity, girls will need to form small groups and face challenges all around camp to try and stake their claim at each one. There will be a soccer game, some basketball scrimmages, swimming races and more! Once one tribe has occupied every challenge then they will be declared winner. Oh how exciting! Although it was pouring rain at camp this afternoon, that didn’t stop the girl from enjoying time with their friends in the cabins. Before it came down, Tweedle Dot, Tweedle Dum and Lavender’s Blue even enjoyed some free swim in Lake Doris. I’m so thankful to experience these friendships and skills made here at camp everyday.

From the Blue Ridge Mountains of Merri-Mac,

Patterson Guyton

Little Dipper Counselor