It’s a Merri day, Merri-Mac! 

The day started off with a camp favorite for breakfast: French toast sticks! After a yummy meal in the Tucker Inn and some fun camp songs, the girls headed to chapel (to sing some more, of course!). We had our first MWF classes, so counselors reviewed safety information and campers got their first tries at all sorts of new things: cooking, climbing, riding, kayaking and more!

We had Greek gyros for lunch, and the after rest time, the girls had Trading Post and enjoyed some sweet treats. Girls played tetherball and made bracelets and chatted with friends!

In the afternoon, an overcast day grew chilly and we got some light intermittent rain, but activities went on as planned! It was so fun to see girls cozied up in sweatshirts and Merri-wear all around campus at activities. When the girls wrapped up afternoon classes, they geared up in tribe jerseys and war paint for tonight’s evening activity: GOLD RUSH!! 

For Gold Rush, random gold objects, rocks and even some COUNSELORS are hidden around camp. Girls search for the “gold” and race items back to home base at the riding ring without getting tagged. (And, can I just say, Merri-Mac girls are FAST!) If a counselor does tag them, both camper and counselor stand before three judges and tell their tallest tale about why they should be the one to keep the gold (and win points for their tribe!).

There were cheers all around when one camper promised to buy everyone at camp Taylor Swift tickets with her gold! Also overheard at evening activity was a Tweedle who innocently looked up at the counselor who had tagged her and said in a disappointed tone, “I thought you were a good bandit.”

Speaking of Tweedles, Tweedle Dee had a fashion show this evening! The campers invited the older girls in their classes to come watch their runway walks, and the cheers were so loud that they could be heard all over campus! Tweedles have STYLE for sure! It was so heartwarming to see how proud the little girls were to show off for the older girls!

Talie Shove