Today truly was a Merri-Day!

For some of the campers their morning started as early as a sunrise hike at the Lookout, but for the rest of us today was a perfect day for games, bracelet making and splashing in Lake Doris. After breakfast we sang a Merri-Mac favorite “Rattling Bog”! This truly lit up faces and brought joy to the kids. (Ask your kids to sing it!) Afterwards, we headed down to the Chapel and listened to Lucy’s hilarious True Story and why it is vital to lean on God and not on our own understanding.

After Chapel, the canoers left for their big adventure at the French Broad River while the rest of the girls went to their classes.

For lunch we had croissant sandwiches and chicken noodle soup with pretzel bites. They did not last long, and seconds where already served in record-breaking time! The atmosphere of the room after hearing that Golden Eagle won Gold Rush and Red Wolves won spirit points was joyful. And even more beaming faces were seen when today’s evening activity was announced as Cabin Night. The grins, smiles and celebration of the kids in Tucker Inn was a sight!

In the afternoon, the girls worked to level up on their bars in their different activities and the Tweedles enjoyed Free Swim.

For dinner we had Italian sausage with Garlic biscuits and roasted broccoli. And for dessert we had Rice Krispie treats!

After dinner we all had an absolute blast at Cabin Night and here are the highlights:

-Up Yonder and Cross Patch did the Slip-n-Slide

-Cloud Nine, Big Dipper and Comet played Battle Ball in the Mike

-Milky Way and Little Dipper had a Karaoke Party

-Blue Heaven had s’mores

-Dreams Begin played a game of Pickleball

-Sun Drop had a camp out on Pippin Hill

-The Robin had milkshakes

While all of us were enjoying camp activities, our oldest campers had their surprise Sunnyside Trip! Their counselors planned a whole day for them outside of camp! They made terrariums in Ashville, enjoyed some time at Adam and Ann’s house, and watched the movie “Princess Protection Program”! Afterwards, they came back and dressed up for an evening picnic and photoshoot in Montreat.

Today was full of adventure, growth, and spirit. We’re excited for what tomorrow brings!

Peace and love,

Sharon-Victory Kanu